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Hat Yai
Hat Yai Insider's Guide
Hat Yai Insider's Guide


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Hat Yai Weather Update

The weather in Hat Yai was very wet over the weekend and some flooding has occurred. Here's an update for anyone who might be travelling to Hat Yai this week.

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Minor Irritations In Thailand

... that end up being major irritations when they keep happening over the course of many years.

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Lots Of Adverse Weather In Southeast Asia

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Eating Dim Sum In Hat Yai

I've written about this before, but I find it so disappointing that so many visitors to Hat Yai have so little imagination and so little desire to get off the well-beaten tourist trail.

I think this is mainly because a lot of tourists arrive in large group tours and simply go to places where their tour operator takes them. The tour operators probably also have financial incentives to take their customers to certain places.

Whenever I hear tourists (and also a fair number of locals) talking about Dim Sum restaurants in Hat Yai, they invariably only mention one place. In the past I was told that this particular place was fantastic and I MUST go there. Well, I did and I wasn't that impressed, however, it continues to attract hordes of tourists.

There are other places that I prefer and yesterday my wife took me to another place that I hadn't been to before called Nukwing. It was good and I preferred it to the place that everyone always raves about.

If you are in Hat Yai and want some Dim Sum, don't just follow the sheeple, show some imagination and wander off the tourist trail.

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Improving Flood Defenses

Flooding is a serious problem in many countries these days, but in tropical countries it is a problem that comes around every year. It causes a lot of inconvenience and economic hardship, thus it needs to be dealt with.

Since the 'Big Flood' of 2010 I have been impressed with what I have seen taking place locally to mitigate the problems of flooding.

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Eating Different Kinds Of Meat

It's quite strange how we all have different views and different sensibilities regarding the type of meat we will and won't eat. This blog post regards one of the observations I made in Vietnam last week.

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Hoi An Trip Report

I try to take my family on a short break once or twice a year, normally to a resort in Thailand that is within driving distance, but this year I decided to take them to Hoi An in Vietnam. My selfish reason was because I wanted to see Hoi An, but they also enjoyed it!

It's a fantastic location for a short break and I highly recommend it. I was very impressed with Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. The only problem is that there are already too many tourists in Hoi An and the situation will only get worse in the future. If you want to go, go as soon as you can.

This report will hopefully give you some idea of what Hoi An is like and I have also included some practical information.

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Ten Good Places To Eat In Hat Yai

I've just made a couple of changes to this list of suggestions. One place on the previous list has changed a lot and nowadays I'm not too impressed, so I have removed it.

The excellent pizzas at Puri Pizza deserve a mention, as does the excellent Japanese food at a small restaurant that I discovered a couple of months ago.

Enjoy the food on your next trip to Hat Yai!

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Food Shopping In Thailand

Maybe a boring subject, but we all have to eat!

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Bali Travelogue From Early 2003

Earlier this year I retrieved about 3,000 of my old film negatives from the UK and I've just been through the arduous exercise of scanning them all in. Many images are completely useless and/or of absolutely no interest to anyone apart from me and a few other people.

However, some may be of interest to a wider audience. Everyone these days has a smartphone (apart from me) and all smartphones have good cameras, thus everyone is a 'photographer' these days. But that hasn't always been the case. It may be hard to believe, but there was a time not so long ago when very few people took photos.

When I used to show up at friends' weddings with a camera before the digital age, I would often find that the only other person with a camera was the official wedding photographer.

I plan to do some more of these travelogues when time allows. Here's the first - Bali.
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