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The Ultimate *cheap Server Setup (Usenet, NewzNab, Couch Potato, Sickbeard, IIS, PHP, FreeNAS and so much more ...)*
Inspiration This post was inspired by repeated questions about setting up the best server on FreeNAS/ FreeBSD and using Virtualization on Techsnap  over at JupiterBroadcasting. Now Allan- If you are reading this please keep an open mind, Windows is not that...

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Live video stream from the Raspberry Pi using nginx and rtmp-module
There is currently no way to stream the raw h264 data into a HTML5 browser for live video streaming. The best option if to use a RTMP server that can repackage and distribute the video stream in flash. This sucks for iPhone and Android users but there is su...

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A guy spends over 15 years developing, a microphone telescope. Its extremely bizarre but very interesting concept. A 16X16 GIF kind of shows us what sound looks like. Its difficult to understand but we basically looking into the future here.

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Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials - A self help book for all your Raspberry Pi 2 needs with exclusive content!
The second edition of my Raspberry Pi Server Essentials has been released! Exclusive content inside! Purchase a discounted copy direct from the publisher Whats in this edition? In this edition I have prepared the following chapters for you. GETTING STARTED ...

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After all this time, I finally managed to install Windows to an iSCSI target, using iPXE and FreeNAS backed storage. It was pretty confusing at first but I tried and succeeded. Still to see how well it performs over Gigabit.

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ARMv9 Octocore .... Ubuntu thingi. Looks pretty cool? Can it run #FreeBSD  and does it have a gigabit or atleast 100mb direct LAN? That would be nice.
HiKey 96Boards are now available with ‪#‎Ubuntu‬ Core! Beta image now available for download >>

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Free Raspberry Pi Ultimate Reference book for beginners and amateurs alike!
While crawling around Raspberry Pi Exchange as I do when I am bored, I came across an interesting question. Mr Neil Kolban, going by the alias of Kolban struck my attention, as a publisher my self I know how difficult it is to get your hard work out there. ...

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And this doesn't coincide with the separation of Google products to Alphabet at all.

Tim Cook's (CEO of Apple) choice to remove Windows support for Safari is a big win for Apple. Companies trying to get Macintoshes in to do testing. But on the flip side, its a big loss for everyone else trying to get a web presence, with horrific conversion rates from Safari users. Apple, following the steps of Bill Gates in the 90's - The next douche bags of the century trying to create proprietary and closed stuff.. Count me out.
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