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Glasgow Company of Duellists
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GCoD class! 
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Some of the GCoD guys have founded Firefly Forge and are already starting to produce some spectacular weapons.  This sgian dubh is lovely.
Yew hilt with pattern welded blade Scottish Sgian Dubh by Bryn Davies from Firefly Forge in Scotland.
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Sabre homework!
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Have them in circles
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I'm afraid the Glasgow Company of Duellists will no longer be recommending that people train with the Academy of Historcal Arts. Nor will we recognise their instructor qualifications. After discussions with other senior HEMA representatives after am incident about an inexperienced new student (He had only three sessions) who was injured after being put in for sparring on his first night at their club.
I believe it is utterly unacceptable to be putting people into sparring wit...h steel without the proper training. Now my student has
torn anterior and posterior ligaments in his knee due to slipping on a wet patch in the sparring area and will be out of training for months to come.
Firstly he should never have been out there, it takes a minimum of six months training to clear for steel sparring at the GCoD. I am reliably informed that this is fairly standard practice across reputable HEMA clubs.
Secondly the sparring area should be checked for hazards before a bout.
Thirdly my student was given no proper risk assessment or examination to check he was aware of the risks and was competent to take part. When I spoke the Keith Farrell
about the incident he claimed that both were done but my student say neither was done.
Added to the fact that the AHA heads have had no formal training in swordsmanship and when I requested that they join the BFHS and go through the instructor process to ensure they have some formal qualification it was ignored. I now learn that they are promoting instructors with only 6 months experience in swordsmanship.
These are actions I cannot in good conscience accept and as such recommending that students should seek instruction with other schools.

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We've got one of our Firefly Forge knifes going up for sale made by our amazing knife maker Bryn Davies. This unique hand made silver steel blade is dressed with a hand carved Padauk hilt with brass and decorative sterling silver pins and acid etched with the Firefly forge maker's mark. The knife is £100 with an optional matching Padauk knife block for £50.
The proceeds of this sale will help develop Firefly forge and allow us to buy better equipment and teach these dying skills to a new generation.
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Livestream of International Medieval Combat Federation World Championships from Poland.
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Some really good pictures here - longsword, sword and buckler, dagger.
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Ce manuscrit illustré du 16eme siècle, hébergé à la Bibliothèque d’Etat de Berlin, était surement destiné à apprendre aux combattants les bases du combat avec différentes épées. Je ne pensais pas qu’on était sensé tenir l’épée « à l’envers » si souvent …
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+Glasgow Company of Duellists 

Persian swordsmanship comes to Glasgow in this weekend seminar. It looks to be a good one.
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The long-awaited second longsword book by Guy Windsor, a training manual for medieval Italian longsword in the style of Fiore dei Liberi.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Glasgow-based group studying Historical European Swordsmanship
The Glasgow Company of Duellists is a martial arts group studying Historical European Swordsmanship. 

Based in private training facility in Glasgow (Scotland), we are attempting to reproduce fencing arts that have been lost for many hundred of years. These are studied as true martial arts and not as ‘choreography’ or stage combat. The focus of classes is for real combat, just as the medieval and renaissance student would have experienced.

The current areas of study of the group are the medieval German school of Swordmanship using the two-handed Longsword (in German: Langenschwert) and British Backsword of both the Scottish and English traditions.