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A new version of swaks, 20130209.0, is available for download.  New XCLIENT support, TLS enhancements, and a few bug fixes.

Links and a change summary at

New stuff planned for the next release include PRDR support, a rework of the interactive IO system, and a reasonable header encoding system.  If you have a feature you’ve wanted in Swaks, let me know, now's a good time to ask.

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A new version of swaks is available, including official IPv6 support!

Links and change summary at

Share and enjoy!

My initial draft of IPv6 support in swaks is available for testing. If you're interested in using IPv6 and swaks please do download, test, and comment. Now's the best time to shape the implementation decisions.

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This is relevant to my interests...
Spent a couple of hours tonight setting up some machines to do ipv6 testing. Multiple machines, multiple IPs per machine, and forward and reverse DNS. I have no confidence in my home network equipment supporting ipv6 so I cheated and used a vm host and guest. Some quick thoughts:

1) The machines (Mac OS X 10.6 and Mint 12) were shockingly easy to set up
2) DNS was a little bit more confusing, but not too bad after I got done typing all the zeros into the records.
3) The paperwork is easier when your v6 addrs mirror your v4 addrs ( -> fc00::c0a8:0028) but the dec->hex transition means I still can't visually pick them up very well.
4) Every piece of software I touched tonight that needed a netmask used prefix notation. I'm not sure there's any other format that makes sense for ipv6, but it's very nice to use after wishing the ipv4 dotted-quad subnet format would die for so many years.
5) With the exception of the records, I think everywhere I touched tonight supported the :: shortening which was nice.

So far so good, now I actually have to write the software I needed to test...

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A new version of swaks is available. A few new features, a few embarrassing bugs fixed, and lots of odds and ends.

Links and change summary at

Share and enjoy!

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Swaks Release Preview 20111202.0-dev Available

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Trying to grease the communication channels before the next swaks release. And by "grease" I mean "create some". Link below is to a blog post detailing some of the ways to keep up to date. To summarize though:

Twitter - SwaksSMTP -

G+ - Swaks -

RSS - (this is a dedicated swaks category on my personal blog, so you can skip the posts about my cats)

Email - No UI for this, but email to get notifications of new releases.

And of course there's always the project page itself at

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1. Someone complains (rightly) that swaks doesn't properly implement DIGEST-MD5
2. Spend way too long getting Sendmail and Mulberry working using DIGEST-MD5 to use as a reference implementation
3. Go to read rfc2831. See it's been obsoleted by rfc6331.
4. Go to read rfc6331, "Moving DIGEST-MD5 to Historic", which includes this choice quote:

"While it can be argued that it is an improvement over CRAM-MD5, many implementors commented that the additional complexity of DIGEST-MD5 makes it difficult to implement fully and securely."

At least I'm not the only one who had problems getting the implementation right. Still going to try to get the implementation closer since DIGEST-MD5 will undoubtedly be out in the wild for a long time...
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