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The Jew who saved the Green Bay Packers
With all of the media-hype about the Super Bowl earlier this month I cannot help remembering our trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin last August. Unlike most visitors to Green Bay, who come to watch the fabled Green Bay Packers, we were there to photograph Synagog...

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Travels with Harley
Harley the Synadog Our canine companion, Harley, travels with us everywhere we
go in North America. She has visited more states than most people and, because
she has visited over 100 synagogues, we call her our synadog. She is a
Shiba-Inu, a Japanese breed ...

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Cream Cheese and a Big Cracked Bell
"Old Country" interior of the Philly Shul There’s mo re to Philadelphia than cream cheese and a big
cracked bell. There are wonderful synagogues and fabulous shoestring potatoes
too.  After learning in
grade school about Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell ...

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Pavée and the Power of Tefillin
Continue on, my friends, and take heed – a true tale of
tefillin and Paris to read. I hope to enlighten and perhaps entertain with this
story which takes place near the River Seine. Splendid interior of  Pavée Synagogue. Art Nouveau is a grand and romantic ...

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The Museum of Lights
Perhaps the most magnificent example of  Baroque  synagogue architecture in existence. When you hear the word Hanukkah, what’s the first place that comes to mind, the Second Temple in Jerusalem? Even if you think of a place other than the site of the Maccab...

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From Auto-da-Fé to Art Deco
An early etching of an Auto-da-fe' After a delightful lunch in one of the many sidewalk cafés surrounding
Lisbon’s Rossio Square, we went to our photo-shoot appointment at the city’s
only synagogue. Our appetites for the grilled fish entre were a bit dampen...

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Cuba Revisited
Havana's El Malecon today . Dusk was falling as our ship glided into Havana’s harbor.
From the deck I could see the twinkling lights of nightclubs and casinos
sprinkled along El Malecon, Havana’s gracefully arcing waterfront. They looked
like brilliant diam...

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Who was Joseph Cohen?
One of Malta's many waterfront playgrounds for the jet set. The Jews of Malta figured importantly in the most important battle that you  never  heard of.  Most of us know remarkably little about Malta, a tiny island archipelago nation in the Mediterranean S...

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Shirtless in Toronto
Toronto was the northernmost destination on our synagogue
photo safari last summer. Well known as the home of the Maple Leafs hockey team,
a lesser known fact is its Jewish community numbers nearly 200,000, 14 th largest in the world. Back in the late 1800s...
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