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Jordan K. Scott

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What a truck. The team at Davis Customs know what they're doing.
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Jordan K. Scott

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Here is the sequel to the 2011 Buick Regal Turbo Overview that our manufacturers originally asked us to remove. After a brief discussion we got the green light to throw it back online! Nobody was injured in the making of these videos.

2011 Buick Regal Turbo Overview + Collision Part 2 | Davis GMC Buick
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Jordan K. Scott

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The Social Media Announced "Moonlight Give-away"

Have you ever been to Costco and they say meet here in isle 497 and get a free knife set? Well there is no such thing as free right? You get there and you gotta sit through a long presentation so that you can go home with a coupon code and order your free knives online.

Pop singers, rappers etc. will hop on Twitter and make a last minute concert announcement and their fans flock the streets for a Moonlight concert.

There is not such thing as free anymore.

What are you thoughts on announcing that you're giving away free oil change coupons (or something) at a specific time & place and have a few of your vehicle makes ready to show off? Again nothing is for free, so you would have your best and most personable sales staff ready to give a presentation, answer questions and take down names and numbers for test drives and appointments?

If you've got a booth, studio lighting presenting your vehicle lineup and perhaps a local hotdog vendor to join the party, could potentially create a lot of buzz around your product and your dealership.

Think its too much work for something that may not appeal to older generation manufacturers like GMC & Buick? (which is what we sell)

Do you think this would work on the younger generation brands like Scion, Mitsubishi and Mazda?

Your thoughts?
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Jordan K. Scott

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What the plus are you thinking?

I am going to do my best to figure out how Google+ works today. If they says it’s a game changer, then it’s a game changer. However, I am not going to abandon ship on our current Facebook strategy for the next best thing. Just like I did not abandon my hockey trading cards for POG ....Oh shoot, I did! Carrying on... My point to this post is not that Google plus isnt going to be awesome. Everything that Google+ is offering is amazing! My point here is that I do not want to see people immediately commercializing Facebook and forgetting about their FB strategy as I have heard of some people already doing.

I have been told that Google+ will become the new place for socialization and that we need to begin commercializing Facebook. Sorry folks, but I do not quite buy that, not yet anyhow! Especially because the majority of car buyers are generations X's. It is generation X that hummed and hawed for so long before jumping on board with Facebook. If I know anything about generation X, I know that they do not like change. For generations X'ers to get on the social media train like they have and immediately switch to G+ is crazy! (Good for them though if they do!)

It’s not dead yet…

With hundreds of millions of Facebook users still on board,and the fact that Gmail has hardly been adopted by the Canadian population, I find it difficult and naive to drop the old Facebook strategy of socialization and immediately selling on Facebook - I think that it is rather reckless. lol yes, I said reckless.

Don't get me wrong, I am so very impressed with G+ but to go against everything I have been taught in regards to "Socializing" on Facebook is crazy to me!

I just have to laugh when I see people putting cars up for sale with a price tag and leaving it be. If that is the direction Facebook is going in the future, great! But please people, do not forget to leave each post with a question.

My plan is to keep rocking Facebook like we have always done, and once I begin to see the switch, commercialization is the way I will go. You might say, well that’s not being a leader – eff it. I don’t wanna be a leader if that is the case. Why not have your cake and eat it too? At least while there is some cake still left... No matter what, Facebook is a social media site that requires you to be social; if you do not buy into that system you will be dead before Facebook is even rendered dead. If you do choose to go the commercial route immediately, Integrate commercialization with social engagement.

Now I do what?

If we are going to shy away from the bullshit questions like,"What is your favorite Crush soda pop" and replace it with a"Check out this beautiful 2011 Buick Regal Turbo for $45,995". Follow it up with a question that is relative to your content. For example, “Check out this beautiful 2011 Buick Regal Turbo for $45,995 - Would you buy this Regal if it were in hot pink?" Anything! Do not leave it static and open ended! Disregarding the social aspects of social media sites blows my mind.

I know that haters are going to hate but ... juuust kidding. (I’m gangster, but not that gangster) But please don’t be mad at me, it’s just that In my opinion I just feel that commercializing Facebook will be a huge downfall to your immediate G+ strategy. If you’re going that route you just gotta taper it a little that’s all… The biggest test for G+ will be – Will my mother use it?Some say it’s the future SM site for Gen Y’s & Z’s, but I just don’t see why Google would not see a point on getting the X’s on board too. A businesses biggest marketing flaw is being all things for all people, but I just don’t think Google has that problem.

I do look forward to G+ and cannot wait to see the ROI on it. It is one sexy platform with an incredible amount of functionality. Seeing the ROI on something new like G+ will be very exciting. I promise that I will be the first to say: Shit, maybe I should have listened to all the cats that taught me everything I know...but for now I’m sorry friends but must go rogue! At least for the next 4-6 months anyhow.


Love Jordan
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Yea I read that yesterday, great post! I cannot wait for this thing to really take off! haha finally our dealership can really chase after Google reviews as many people in the Canadian market do not have Gmail. In regards to a Googlized customer, WOW look out, you're spot on! My point here is that I don't wanna see people immediately selling on Facebook as I have been told to abandon the social part of Facebook. haha it goes against my beliefs.
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Jordan K. Scott

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Thats us!! Top 50 Best Employer's in Canada.
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Jordan K. Scott

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We're currently have the 2nd manufactured 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - A MUST see!!! You want it, we got it - Check it out!
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Jordan K. Scott

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More Google+ graphics/spoofs... Think they will get old any time soon?
We've been using Google Plus all week and we can already foresee wasting a huge portion of our lives on it until we're forcibly herded into the next social networking breakthrough. The one stumble we ...
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Jordan K. Scott

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The other day at Davis GMC Buick we were brainstorming how we can get quality information to the public about a 2011 Buick Regal Turbo while at the same time making it so it wasn't the typical dull walk around video.

I am sure there are some car dealers out that would be disgusted with this video saying, its completely unprofessional - but that's okay! Is there really such thing as bad publicity?

This is what we came up with - 2011 Buick Regal Turbo Overview + Collision Part 1 | Davis GMC Buick

It is not as informative as we would like as it was just a test run. When it hit Youtube we had a lot of people talking about it! Our city held an event where we hosted our own customer appreciation beer gardens. We had people outside the gates giving us props, we had old customers coming to us giving us props, but more importantly... We had new customers come to our dealership saying they saw our video!

As great as the video was, our manufacturer saw this video and immediately asked us to remove it. We reluctantly did! Upon contacting the manufacturer we explained we are pushing the envelope and that videos need to be created to go viral. "Reluctantly" they responded with... More dealers need to do this!

There is also a part 2 to this video you should check out!- 2011 Buick Regal Turbo Overview + Collision Part 2 | Davis GMC Buick

We're already brainstorming how we can make a video for each GMC & Buick model. Stay tuned...

Do you think this would work for your dealership?
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Great good, reasonable prices. Everyone else is simply hard to impress. Always busy which reflects the food and prices.
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I took my phone to IDEAL repair to replace my cell screen. It was fixed in minutes while I waited. The screen however began shifting slightly. I called, they asked me to bring it back and they replaced the new screen with another new one, no questions asked! Great people and they stand by their work! Highly recommended.
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Great food. The guy who took my order was very helpful and polite. Ive been in before and deal woth younger employees. Its just a job for them, bitbthe guy who took my order was great an cared. Ordered around 830pm 9/10/11(hint hint boss/manager)
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I would challenge anyone to find a more cost effective meal with this taste and quality. Best restaurant in Medicine Hat.
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Wish I read B Smiths review. Everything he said, but more. First, I do not write negative reviews. But this place is repulsive. Unsafe, smells, unclean, outdated, loud, 3.5" space between the hotel room door and floor. I do not recommend this Inn/hotel to anyone!! DO NOT let the lobby fool you. Get to the elevator and you'll realize you made a mistake.
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