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This is the life we at Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc expect for the greyhounds we place for adoption!!!!  If you are interested in pampering one of our greyhounds please contact us at
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To assist Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc. in promoting greyhound adoptions!
GPG (Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc.) is a 501c(3) non-profit Greyhound adoption group, based in Amherst MA. It is GPG's Mission to promote Greyhound adoption by finding responsible, loving, appropriate homes for Greyhounds that fail to qualify for racing, regardless of their age and health condition. 

GPG will arrange and provide for all necessary medical care including making sure all Greyhounds/retired racers are spayed/neutered before they are adopted, and will gradually transition Greyhounds from their racing career to retirement and placement into a permanent (forever) home. GPG will arrange temporary volunteer (foster) homes for Greyhounds while they are waiting for their adoption by permanent (forever) homes/families. 

Furthermore, it is GPG's mission to organize and provide Greyhounds/retired racers with socialization and training to prepare them for adoption. In addition to the care and adoption of the Greyhounds, it is GPG's mission to assist, instruct, and educate the public and adoptive families about the Greyhound breed, responsible pet ownership, and the overall care, treatment, and training of Greyhounds. 
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