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Thanks to Mark Jason Dominus (@MJDominus) for this one.

Eating a home-cooked doughnut is a lesson in topology.  That which is sold commercially as a "donut" has been continuously deformed from the original, so that only it's essential shape has been preserved.

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Perhaps our Chief Justice needs a lesson in Category Theory:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. inspected it. “Just looking at it,” he said, “it looks pretty complicated. There are a lot of arrows.”

David Fox discovered a fun game:  try to connect to AAA's New York site from California.  The page redirects to the California site regardless of what you specify.  Google switched my pages into German when I went ICFP in Freiburg.  Web designers need to think more carefully about the use of geolocation.

We ran across a bug today caused by a trailing slash.  Such sensitivity is always aggravating. Generally, I really like rsync, but it is the king of abusing the trailing slash.  Often it is the difference between the copy you wanted and hours of separating two file trees by hand.

I read once that Richard Dean Anderson dubbed the Stargate the greatest prop in television.  It would be truly great to have such a device in real life.  The ability to teleport to any mine tailing or forest in Oregon would be very valuable.

The joy of Javascript:

> typeof (new Date)
> typeof (new Date())
> typeof (Date)
> typeof (Date())


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One more monster in the xkcd menagerie (  TIL this ship weighs 100,000 tons, or as much as 10 Eiffel Towers.

Typo of the day: expoloited.
Definition: used an artist's work without permission to promote a product.
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