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This was inspired by my #IAMCP and former Microsoft colleague Debra Pfundstein

How to use The SSK Model to get a sanity check on projects.

#GTD #ProjectPlanning 

It's Pay it Forward Friday - Do something for someone that has no way to repay you. #piff #payitforward

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#TBT --- The Four F’s of WPC (now #MSInspire)

Thanks to Microsoft's Diane Golshan and the leadership of Kati Quigley - they asked me to put together a few tips for people attending the then named WPC event. The name has changed, but The Four F's are still critical to the success of your MS Inspire experience.

There are a lot of new faces and leaders in the mix now. This is a good thing. MS Inspire is the largest #P2P event on earth. If you are a Microsoft partner you should be there. Bonus: There is a $100 flash sale ending tonight.

I look forward to leadership and guidance from Gavriella Schuster, Eduardo Kassner, Dean Armintrout, Brad Smith, Steven Guggenheimer, Scott Guthrie, Jonathan Friebert, Arnie Mondloch, Julie Golding, Satya Nadella - Microsoft CEO and so many others that will be setting the direction and pace for the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem.

I'm also looking forward to the leadership from the #IAMCP community - Randy Steinle, Javier Abreu, David Gersten, Jon Rivers, Debra Pfundstein, Jeff Goldstein, Eric Klauss, Jon Jake Sastre, Rudy Rodriguez, Tom Major, Christine Bongard, Sharon Chang, Ryan Risley, and so many other volunteers that make the IAMCP Community great.


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Social Selling ... is where LinkedIn is heading.

In case it wasn't obvious with all the changes in the UI and UX ... it's clear LinkedIn is moving in a revenue oriented direction. Not a surprise. And, likely an indicator of what to expect for Premium and more casual LI users.

At $1,600 pa/year it's going to need to provide a lot of value.

LinkedIn Just Added Some Muscle to Its Sales Navigator

#SocialSelling #GTD #SOR #SOE #IAMCP 

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Would you pay $200 for a well qualified lead?

Continuing on my theme about Community Engagement.

I revisited a post I wrote one year ago. It's still salient today and I thought it would be worthwhile to bring to you. This is especially true if you are a Microsoft partner.

Take a look and enjoy my video Notes from the Trails.

This was inspired by a conversation with the Western Region IAMCP director David Gersten.

I like his line that the IAMCP is like a monthly lunch plan with the partners you should be working with today.


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Why do you stay in a community?

Is it FOMO, is it because your friends, peers or mentors are there? Is it something else?

I submit that Communities Grow By Retention. If a community cannot keep your interest ... they'll fade away and die.

What do you think? What tips have you seen that drive retention?

#IAMCP #P2P #MSPartner #Community #MSInspire #MSFTalum 

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I revisited my post on Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets based on a comment by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earlier today.

I was introduced to this concept by Kati Quigley and Dean Armintrout in a partner meeting a few years ago.

Since then I have written several blog posts, done a radio show, and have talked to countless people about the concept and practice of Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets.

Why your Mindset Matters

#IAMCP #IAMCPWIT #P2P #WIT #MSPartner #Career 

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Communities Matter.

The way to keep communities growing is by KEEPING your current members. I like what Sarah Robinson has done with her FierceLoyalty model.

My premise is ... Joining is NOT enough. Retention is the critical element for community success.

#IAMCP #IAMCPWIT #P2P #MSPartner #Community

It's Pay it Forward Friday - and St. Patrick's Day.

Change someone's luck today by Paying It Forward.

#piff #payitforward

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Donut Walls, Dodge Ball, Tricycle Races ... this and more will be happening today at the 2017 GeekWire Bash at The Clink starting at 3pm.

Microsoft Alumni Network members get a 15% discount on tickets. Login to the MSA site for details.

Details are at this link. See you there!

#MSFTalum #MSPartner #GWBash
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