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I am proud to be a fellow Geek of the Week with this young man. Thanks +GeekWire

There is hope for our future ... not just in apps, but also in thinking, energy and passion.

Congrats Michael Royzen on being recognized as a Geek of the Week by +GeekWire. And, Welcome to The Club. 

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Do you know anyone afflicted with PEBKAC syndrome?

It's more common than many think.

PS --- this is just for some weekend fun. Don't get too worked up. Just smile. 

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And, if you've ever wondered why I do Pay It Forward Fridays

Here's why ... And You Can Too. PS - You'll find out why "other" days count too. 

It's Pay it Forward Friday - People NEED this more than ever. Do something for someone that has no way to repay you. #piff #payitforward 

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You just changed jobs ... you are really excited to tell everyone. But, How Soon Should You Update @LinkedIn?  #Career  

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Did you miss The .NET B-Day Bash & Geekfest? If you missed it ... (or if you made it) ... here is a brief write up about it.

Good news ... there will be more events like it. If you are a Microsoft Alumni Network - Official member you should be receiving notes about this. If you aren't a member ... why not?

Thanks to DeeDee Walsh Beth Massi Richard Campbell Ali Spain Molly Von Mitschke Collande Audrey Bastian Marylou Brannan and so many others for making this a great event. PS - MSFT employees are always invited too.

Also, thanks to everyone that came out and to Hi-Fi Brewing for hosting us.

Will we see you at the next one?


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Which Pillars of The Gig Economy do you work in today? What about tomorrow? Is the Gig / Sharing Economy here to stay?

I think yes. What do you think?

#Careers #Jobs #GigEconomy #Sharing 

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Who is Challenging your Thinking?

Pro Tip: Enlist a few people to do this. And, reciprocate (if they are up for it). 

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The Gig Economy is not new, but there is a new layer forming where The Gig Intermediaries currently play. Pillar 4 is coming. Are we ready?

#IAMCP #IAMCPWIT #P2P #GigEconomy #SharingEconomy 
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