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I think the stars must have aligned for me as I've had even more luck since winning the contests :) the girl at work who yelled at me for 3 hours finally got a demotion! Apparently customers finally started saying she was rude. :D 
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she let the power go to her head when they promoted her after only one month..... she has no social skills so she took my silence as not listening instead of listening and whenever I tried to speak up as arguing (think a lower income mom who expects you to do what you are told and not say a word).
It took 2 other employees threatening to quit because of her and customers complaining before they demoted her.
Oh and hearsay is she argued on the showfloor with another coworker during regular hours at JCP. So that's how she lost her last job. (And why she's willing to be demoted and still work under the people she belittled)
*edited lastpost, but yeah, if she starts another arguement or doesn't do as asked she's fired :)
Sometimes it takes awhile,but people get what they deserve.
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