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Samantha Wilcox (KreativeKaring)
Sharing stuffs I'm passionate about & things I think my readers will LOVE! ♥ THX for adding me to your circle!!
Sharing stuffs I'm passionate about & things I think my readers will LOVE! ♥ THX for adding me to your circle!!

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Top Places To Visit In Maine
Visiting Maine anytime soon and looking for things to do? I know there's a lot of history here I just don't know a lot of it. It's sad I've lived in Southern Maine all of my life and have never really visited shops on the coast or anything like that. I star...

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In Case You Wanted To Know...
First of all, let me say that when I look at my life as a whole, I am happy. I have a very supportive husband, a beautiful baby girl, and great family and friends. I know I have many things to be thankful for and I am aware that there are others out there w...

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10 Reasons You May Not Be Getting the Job
Embed from Getty Images The process of job hunting is tough. You
fill out bunches of applications, send your resume, even land a couple
interviews, but with no success. You may also feel like you’re getting the
run-around. At this point, you may start to ra...

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Top Ten Must Haves for Babies under a year old
When I was a soon to be mom, I remember wondering what the baby would need for the first year and not knowing where to start. It was so overwhelming when the registries would try to "help" by suggesting the bunches of things you will "need" , when in all re...

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My Email to Southern Maine Healthcare About My Stay (A Birth Story)
To Whom It May Concern,   I wanted to leave feedback on my recent birthing experience from June 7th-12th. I hope this finds the right department. The customer cards were too small.   First of all, I got admitted to Biddeford Hospital for the birth of my dau...

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A Week in the Hospital (A birth story)
Welcome to the world Ryleigh Ann Wilcox! Did you know that you're a whole month early?! So technically she was born a preemie, but weighed more than what a preemie does because I had gestational diabetes. As soon as she latched to breastfeed she would fall ...

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Ryleigh Ann Wilcox is here! (A birth story)
Ryleigh Ann Wilcox Due on July 3rd 2016 It started on June 7th at 11AM when my water broke but I thought it was just discharge so I went on with my day. I went out to breakfast with my girl friend and then we went shopping. By 2:30PM it was still happening ...

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Parents, what are your recommendations on baby lotions, shampoos, etc.?

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When Is It OK to Let Go Of Toxic People?
You ever hear of the saying "Misery Loves Company" ? That couldn't be more true. It feels like a constant battle to try and surround myself with happy people. Especially in this day and age, with the world the way it is, and how difficult it is to live thes...

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The "D" Word
I'm probably going to get a lot of scrutiny for what I'm about to say, but I have never been one to understand depression. In my personal opinion, depression is a state of mind that you can easily put yourself in. It's easy to be unhappy and it's your respo...
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