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Marketing Consultant & Professor
Marketing Consultant & Professor
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Five Secrets of a Top Grade faculty
Higher education in India has
experienced mushroom growth in past two decades. It has entered the
consolidation phase already. Although most of the expansion has come from
privately run institutes but considerable growth has taken place in public
sector als...

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Dichotomy of Performance versus Promise: Political Marketing in India
If you intend to find out which political party or leader
are responsible for win loss in Delhi MCD elections then you could be disappointed
to read this piece. But if you are interested in discovering the marketing insights
underlying the recent political ...

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Narendra D. Modi no way, its just modi Modi modi ....obvious isn't it?
This happens only in India. Although pandits may spun numerous twisted tales trying to prove that modi success story is a unique phenomenon never noticed in India. But its not true. Modi has achieved success by copying the classic Indian political strategy ...

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Journalism Ethics: Arnab, Cyril & Ravish
When I was studying journalism
& mass communication at Punjabi university Patiala an editor of Dainik
Tribune visited us to share his views. You would be aware that since journalism
have been more of a trade or a business rather than profession therefore

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Reliance Jio can change a lot in India
In my opinion India has been a hub of B2B family owned firms since 1947. The industry have remained under government control, still the govt wields heavy influence, because the industrial houses wanted it that way. Despite many public pronouncements by vari...

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Can Politics be Marketed like Coke or Condom?
Consumers of political marketing
in democracies run on vote-counts face torrents of counterfeit to completely
fake assurances of services to garner their votes.   Going by the prevalent level of disgust for
politicians in most democracies anyone can safely ...

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The Doctrine of Sikhism rather than Buddhism can end global terror.
Once again the humanity lost at
the Brussels
airport. The Innocent people were bombed butchered mercilessly in cold blood
without any fault of them. They had no idea why they were drawn into wars that
politicians wage to further an agenda. How can we fight ...

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How to raise funds for the Universities in India?
India is incomparable to the west
on most counts including quality of the education. Higher-Education in India is
in sharp decline unlike USA where it is improving by the day. Whereas the
private education enterprises are funded almost entirely by the stude...

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Need for a law to deal with student suicides in India
Students committing suicide due
to pressures of examinations is common in India. But the governments in state
& centre haven’t enacted a legislation to fight the menace as if they have
accepted it as unavoidable accidents. The burden of failure in exams can...

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Happy 2016 ! Wishing all my friends, foes & strangers a very Happy & Prosperous new year 2016 Have a blast 
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