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We will cover general sales material on how to read specifications and schedules; introduction to Shipco product line; Shipco website; Shipco price book layout and structure; and more. We will also tour the factory on Monday. Monday evening we will host dinner for you.

Registration available soon. Representatives must login to register.

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Shipco revised its Training Seminar several years ago to place increased emphasis on steam theory and application related topics and less on steam products. Therefore consider inviting engineers along with your sales people to this event. The seminar will include speakers with extensive field experience at selling, installing and servicing steam products who can offer valuable insights on selecting and designing steam products as well as the steam system. We will also have an expert in chemical treatment speaking since improper chemical treatment is increasingly the root cause of equipment problems.

Steam Theory
Steam Applications
Steam Traps (application and maintenance)
Properties of Steam
Sensible Heat, Latent Heat, and Super Heat
Steam Quality - Wet and Dry Steam
Flash Steam
Steam Regulators Selection, Sizing, and Adjusting
Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
Balancing Valves
Pump Selection, Sizing and Balancing
Condensate Unit Selection and Sizing
Boiler Feed / Surge Tank Selection and Sizing
Basic knowledge on the key factors impacting design and selection of deaerators
Surge Tanks and Deaerators Operation Basics
Chemical Application in the boiler room
Shipco Factory Tour
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