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I'm so OLD!
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Haha me too! i was born in 1990 however it does only seem like 10 years ago!
Luckily for me so does my car! LOL It's 22 years old and you hardly look older than that in your pics.
You're not "OLD". I got more experience....
The last decade didn't seem to happen.
But if it wasn't ten years ago, then that means I'm old! Say it isn't so!
Hard to imagine we lived through 1999
Shattered my space 1999 dreams!
Me too... Nothing compares to the 90's :)
It was 10 years ago. It could have even been a year ago. I stopped counting years years ago. I am in favor of abolishing calendars altogether :D
The 90's ... those were the days.
I cannot agree more..I Still think 1990 was 10 years ago, and the year is 2000, ..I never though others feel the same.. :))
If you don't mind me asking where are you from?That is a beautiful name!
Me, too. Those were the days. How did it all pass so quickly?
The memories of those days were of long happy somewhat carefree days. Probably was not like that in reality, but those were the best memories of the 90's for me.
I don't think there are long days anymore. Everything is in fast forward mode.
That was 1/2 of my life ago.. I wish I was back in my twenties
I'm just glad that by the time the 90s were over we had that flying car they promised us. Phew!
I loved my twenties too +Alison Park I did a lot of growing up then not to mention a lot of partying too!
I'm only soon to be 19, but I still feel like the 90's were 10 years ago
Ahhh, loved the smiths back then
Because the songs were written beautifully.. Lyrical and musically
And.. that's not... gulp... :-)
I still drive the car in that picture. :)
boo Jay
90s produced the best music, so far 2010s have been one of the worst.
+Shelly Bonoan +Alison Park yep the 90's were a great time, fun and more fun ;) Mind you being in our twenties any decade would have been equally memorable but the 90's definitely didn't feel as hard to survive as it does now.
+Farzana Shan You kidding? It's running like a top. They don't make 'em like they used to. ;)
Only that I am not exactly young
You are looking young and have a lovely face with bright eyes, my guess....23??
nope, I am 44 yrs old, but I appreciate the compliment :)
Hmm,..then I should make you a compliment!
I am watching your profilephoto again, I can't believe it.
You are still looking so bright then..
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