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Thank you Manny Cruz, owner of Cruz Portrait Design for my new and stunning photos!

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NEVER underestimate the power of professional video. Everyone knows that old saying “You get what you pay for”. And we all know that it’s so true in any business. For marketing videos, you may be able to shoot and edit a little something yourself, or find someone with little experience that will do it “really cheap” … but what happens usually? You end up having to do it all over again. And that means, you’ve just spent AND wasted double the money. Make sure you when you spend your money, always think of the return on investment! You definitely get value with every dollar that you spend with me. Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices.

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Waiting room and lobby videos are extremely effective for promoting your products and services. My client Dr. Inda Mowett, owner of The Aesthetic and Wellness Center offers so many wonderful services. Her 30 minute infomercial loops in her lobby and “tells a story”, explains her products and also includes satisfied patient testimonials. For more information visit Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices!
TAWC Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels

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Do you have an event to promote like my client PACE Center for Girls? Captivate your audience on a multitude of levels. Television commercials, social media, email signatures, tradeshows, lobbies and waiting room videos, your website and so many more exciting ways. Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices. For more information visit
Race for PACE 2013

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I have a lot of VERY INTERESTING clients. I learn an abundance of information with every project. I then help promote my clients well beyond the completion of a project. Law-Tech Consultants trains law enforcement and corporations globally on how to identify potentially harmful employees and criminals. It’s difficult to explain this in text alone. Visual Harmony Productions promotional videos go above and beyond to explain how your company can help your customers. Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices! For more information visit my website at
Law Tech Consultants - Solving Corporate Crimes.mp4

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I’ve been in this business for 18 glorious years. I Produce shoot & edit professional marketing videos. Some of the ways that Visual Harmony Productions’ videos can be used are:

• Websites & social media
• Waiting rooms and lobby’s
• Brand marketing & promotions
• Product demonstrations
• TV commercials
• Pre and post medical care instruct
• Intros for business presentations
• Satisfied customer testimonials
• Employee training
• And DVS’s included in sale marketing kits that you provide to customers
I’m ALWAYS promoting my work which means, I’m always promoting my clients. Other production companies finish a job and move on. Not me. I live in the wonderful world of advertising and I’m my clients best resource! Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices. For more information visit my website at
TAWC VIP Membership Program 2013

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The more written the less read. Visual Harmony Productions entertains and educates your audience. The idea of creative videos is to give your potential customers enough information for them to WANT to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. My client Dr. Keith Engler has had great results with his website videos and he also loops his videos in his waiting room, which has wonderful massage chairs! Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices. For more information visit my website at
Atlantic Wellness Center - Spinal adjustments.mp4

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The old saying is, “You get what you pay for” and they say that for a reason! People compare quotes when shopping for a service. However, numbers side by side on paper just look like one amount larger than the other. Visual Harmony Productions goes beyond “video”. I visually educate your audience and focus on the CONSEQUENCES of poor choices. People will understand the true value of your company. Gaining trust is vital. Without trust, you have no customers. Visual Harmony Productions. National look. Local prices.
Law Tech Consultants - One lie can cost companies millions.mp4

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Visual Harmony is a flexible, creative video production company in Bradenton, Florida that specializes in compelling sales, promotional, educational, legal and corporate marketing videos. Professional marketing videos are an effective way of reaching your prospective customers. They are credible, memorable and searchable. Visual Harmony Productions, national look … local prices. For more information please visit my website at
Visual Harmony Productions Marketing Videos
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