Most old-school game owned...


I own a lot of actually really old games, most bought in the last few years.  I own a lot of retro-clones and homage games too, which are deliberately old school. 

I owned B/X for the first time last year.  I always thought Basic D&D was like Baby D&D.  Basic ?  Why would I want basic, when I have Advanced?  But last year I got it, read it, re-read it, and grokked it, and it's become my favorite single edition.  So while very old school, to me B/X D&D seems quite new.  I don't have D&D nostalgia.  Old School is New. 

Perhaps I need to go with what feels old school to me rather than what might meet a more conventional definition. 

I'm going to semi-arbitrarily go with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness

When I pick up this book now and read it, I don't know how I managed to play so much of it.  It's a mess.  It is missing some major stuff.  it is horribly organized.  It's a classic Palladium rough-ground sausage, and there's still lots of tubes and gristly bits in there. 

I recently went back and ran it for my crew, with my rule as GM being that I could not modify or make up mechanics but I could re-purpose them .  So if I could not find a reference in a book i could lay hands on, then I'd let shit ride.  It was mad, gonzo, glorious, a little torturous, frustrating, incredibly fun. 

When I think Old School, I think of this nutso school of game design - just throwing cool shit on the page, and not sweating stuff like indexes or including all the rules.  Fuck that shit, kid!  Mutant Aardvarks With Rocket Launchers! 

To me "Old School" means a hot mess.  A passionate folly.  A hash of disjointed ideas and concepts and nonsense that somehow, against all the laws of aesthetics and artistry and design and mathematics, ends up being fun as shit

I absolutely adore TMNT&OS.  I went for years denying this game, because it is goofy and the system is basically garbage, and I was clearly too cool and mature and too much of a game aficionado and design wonk to acknowledge it, or how much affection I still had for it. 

I love that now, as I approach 40 at speed, I'm finally over that shit, and can openly enjoy the things I enjoy, with full knowledge of their flaws and shortcomings, but without my own insecure shit getting int he way anymore. 

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