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Hey, look over here!
Hey, look over here!

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Delighted to share a new podcast I'm co-hosting with my friend Aidan Delaney called "Trust Me, It's Good", where each episode the two of us will talk about things we love, mainly music, that we think you really need to trust us on.

It's mostly a bit of fun, but would really appreciate any listens and subscriptions. Hope you enjoy!

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Just dropping by to say I'm going to be hosting the first hour of a charity broadcast on DCUfm, the student radio station in Dublin City University!

You can listen from 10amGMT and donate to Barretstown, a brilliant Irish children's charity. To do that, just visit and click the logo on the page!

Every little helps folks! 

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Hey Google+!

Been a while seen I've stopped by, but I just want to share something I wrote up that some of you might enjoy.

I'm the technology editor on the Irish student news site, and over there I wrote up my shootout between #Spotify  and #AppleMusic! Give it a read and see what you think!

Well, it's been a while, Google+!

If you're wondering what I've been up to, mainly keeping busy with college work. One thing I want to share though is a new radio show I co-host on DCUfm called Bon Journos!

It's a satirical look at some of the news stories of the week you might've missed. Every episode goes up on YouTube so you can catch it whenever you want.

Make sure to subscribe!

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#howdoyouwatchtnt  When I get home from college, TNT is just starting so I tune in and get the day's tech news! I watch it on my Mac mini and always have twitter open to go along with it.

Really love the show +Mike Elgan! 

I'm really loving Know How lately, but I'd love to see more fun little hacks and projects we could do without needing to get lots of equipment or software. Stuff like speeding up Windows, that was great, I'd love more of that, but all the talk of high end routers and components gets too much for us who can't afford them.

Still loving the show though, and I really think +Bryan Burnett has come into his own on the show!
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