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Sylvir's P16: Touching The Sky
New background for my blog in it's finest. :D    Welcome back and I have a few things to say before we continue the story. During my hiatus, I was working on improving the quality of the pictures. Though this post won't have the max quality, I am still work...

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Sylvir's P15: Time to Gear Up and Power Up!
   Before we get started, know that the location Sylvir travels to is a mod. If you want to check out the mod, look in my mods section. It should be near the bottom in the updated section.    I just woke up and Bards... are literally... Satan. I woke up to ...

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Sylvir's Journal Post 14: An Unexpected Meeting... Twice!
  Sorry my posts halted for a bit but I did give a warning. You may also notice I now am adding titles to my posts. Expect some posts to have longer titles for now on. Now that certain conditions that I gave myself have been set, we can continue with the ne...

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Sylvir's Journal Post 13
       It has been a few days, and I am ready to turn myself in. I may hate the Jarl now, but I hate myself for shooting him. I will apologize and say I wasn't in my best of mind. Hopefully he will forgive me and I can move on with my grief.    I just reach...

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Sylvir's Journal Post 12 (Special)
   Going into Bleak Falls Barrow was the worst idea of my life. The original pages of my journal was torn and burned in fire. It is years later and I have decided to rewrite what happened after leaving Bleak Falls Barrow. Now, let me tell you what happened....

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Sylvir's Journal Post 11
   Sorry for no post yesterday, I was working on a future post and didn't feel to well. Today, I will post something very interesting though so look forward to Journal Post 12.    One more thing, this post is long to make up for yesterday so have fun with t...

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Bam's Journal Post 1 (Without Pictures)
   Before we get started, know that Bam's journal is... harder to read. But, so you don't have to translate dumb, I am going to translate it for you so it's easier to read and not annoying. Just know, Bam usually never uses the world I and is usually Me. Th...

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Journal Post 10
   This is officially Sylvir's 10th journal post. It's not a huge feat but I must say, it's further then most would have thought he could survive in the dangerous world of Skyrim. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading. Anyways, time to contin...

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Journal Post 9
   After some nice relaxation, I decide to head out with a new plan in mind. I may be able to get some assistance to head into Bleaks Falls Barrow. But, it has to be someone who doesn't worry about getting up close and taking a few hits.    I just asked Hul...

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Journal Post 8
Our journey with Sylvir continues the following morning...    I just woke up a little earlier then planned and guess what did it. I went downstairs and found the bard. All night, he was playing Ragnar the Red and I swear I heard it six times in my sleep. I ...
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