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"Training You "How-To" Tap into the Power of the Law of Attraction
"Training You "How-To" Tap into the Power of the Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction for Weight Loss
March 11, 2013 By Lauren MacLauclan 5 Comments

Diet—Schmiet! I am so sick of diets, aren’t you? I’ve been overweight since I was a pre-teen, and dieting since I was a teenager, and I swore that I would never do it again about 15 years ago, but I weakened this year. Why? Because I celebrated my 65th Birthday and I knew I had to take some weight off if I wanted to avoid heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc.
And so I did! I lost 18 pounds! Yahoo! Victory, right? Wrong! Now I am 66 and I’ve already gained back 6 of those 18! They just kind of snuck up on me!  It was really so demoralizing to step on the scale and see those extra pounds. I felt so deflated! After all of my work, here I was packing it on and once again involved in the endless struggle to keep it off. Then for the umpteenth, trillionth time I found myself wondering why it was so difficult to keep it off. Was I a food addict or something? I wanted to know if that was possible; so I decided to do a little research.
Turns out that the jury is still out as to whether or not food can become an addiction, but research is most definitely pointing in that direction, so let me share with you all of my other findings about obesity, food addictions, and addictions in general. The information has enlightened me, and I do hope that it enlightens you, and helps you feel better about your weight in case you are carrying around a few extra pounds like I am.
It is probably no surprise to most of you that obesity is rampant in the whole of the western industrialized world. Yep—we are all getting fat, and at an alarming rate. Here in Canada, the rate has doubled in the past thirty years. And even more alarming than that, our infant obesity rate has risen by 70% in the past 20 years. Babies are being born fat! What is that all about anyway? Why are our babies being born fat?
According to the research I have been doing, scientists now suspect that the man made chemicals women ingest or absorb through their skin during their pregnancies, may be responsible for triggering changes to our hormones that result in life long weight gains. These chemicals are called endocrine disrupting chemicals and they are almost impossible to avoid because they are found in plastics, in cans, in the water we drink, and in the food we eat.
Yep—it’s all about the hormones. A study in 2001 concluded that very obese people had lower levels of dopamine, the “happy hormone”, in the reward areas of their brains, and that this is why they want more food all the time. They need more in order to produce their happy hormone “high”. Coke addicts, meth heads and other addicts encounter these same brain changes. They also have low dopamine levels, so they also need more of their addictive substances in order to get their dopamine rush. So, is that why we are all getting fat? Because our brains have been changed by chemicals and we have less dopamine up there to get happy? Because we have, therefore, all been pre-programmed in utero and in childhood to get fat?  Our world renowned geneticist Dr. David Suzuki, in his TV program “The Nature of Things” suggests that this may be true. He suggests that these chemicals, now called obesegens, may be influencing our DNA, and that yes, we may be pre-programming ourselves for obesity! Now that is scary! You can watch his documentary about it here.
Seems possible, I told myself……but is that the real and only reason?
Logic tells me that chemicals are not be the only reason for the obesity epidemic, because I know that some obese people eat two chickens and eight hamburgers a day—so of course chemicals are not the only reason we get fat. Diet and lack of exercise always play a role in weight gain, but it seems that the lack of dopamine in our brains may certainly help to create the cravings for more.
And craving is certainly what the life of an addict is all about! In a recent survey (2009) of 350 Yale undergraduates, 11% of them met the criteria for “food dependence”. This included a loss of control when eating, a persistent craving and effort to reduce intake, and huge intake despite harmful consequences. These results placed habitual excessive food consumption into the realm of addiction. I now needed more information on addiction in general in order to draw comparisons and try to come to some conclusions.
What does all of this have to do with the Law of Attraction you ask? Well, darn it all anyway—since I have been on this diet in the past year, I have attracted tons of invitations to dinners, lunches and parties and of course—it was  so difficult going to them all and not being able to indulge the way I would have liked to. You definitely do bring about what you think about, aka the Law of Attraction, and I can get absolutely obsessive thinking about food. I am not as bad as I used to be years ago—but I still fight the battle of obsessive thinking about food. And what does obsessive thinking about food lead to? You got it—obsessive eating! Just the sight of food, sets my dopamine in motion, and then the craving sets in. More on this subject in the next blog. Stay posted and don’t forget to watch that film from Dr. Suzuki. It will knock your ever lovin’ socks off!

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Law of Attraction principles can be applied  to weight loss. I've done some research about obesity and how our thoughts can affect it. If you are interested, you can read an article about it here:

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