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Never more poignant... A hint for the most viewed/top #Healthinnovations of 2016 so far!

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Researchers identify rare genes linked to stress-triggered heart disease. Thoughts health innovators?

Stress-induced Cardiomyopathy (SIC) is a temporary condition where a person’s heart muscle becomes suddenly weakened or ‘stunned’ and the left ventricle changes shape.  Patients with SIC generally show no symptoms until they suffer some form of intense…

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Newly identified gene pair in colon cancer challenges whole paradigm on causation. Thoughts health innovators?

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide, and researchers are hard at work to understand the disease’s complex molecular underpinnings.  Now, a study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has identified two…

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Researchers purify and grow human astrocytes-in-a-dish for the first time ever. Thoughts health innovators?

Astrocytes are star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord.  They perform many functions, including biochemical support of endothelial cells that form the blood–brain barrier, provision of nutrients to the nervous tissue, maintenance of…

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Study shows obesity causes microglia to start eating neural connections. Thoughts health innovations.

Obesity increases risk of age-related cognitive decline and is accompanied by peripheral inflammation. Studies in rodent models of obesity have demonstrated that impaired hippocampal function correlates with microglial activation, however, the possibility…

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Previously unknown interaction between malaria parasites and liver cells identified. Thoughts health innovators?

Malaria infection starts when the sporozoite stage of the Plasmodium parasite is injected into the skin by a mosquito. Sporozoites are known to traverse host cells before finally invading a hepatocyte and multiplying into erythrocyte-infecting forms. …

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Study shows how the herpes simplex virus reactivates in neurons. Thoughts health innovators?

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is found in the brain cells of approximately 90% of the world’s population and leads to cold sores, recurrent eye infections, genital lesions, and in rare cases encephalitis. Its closely related virus, VZV, also causes chicken…

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Study shows how gut microbiota regulates weight loss & good fat in the cold. Thoughts health innovators?

A mammals’ body temperature is usually constant, however, when exposed to cold their body temperature drops by few degrees before slowly rising almost back to normal. This adaptive mechanism is mediated by the brown fat, whose function is to generate heat…

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Approximately one out of a hundred people suffer from epilepsy and one out of twenty suffer a seizure at least once during their lifetime. Seizures occur when many nerve cells in the brain fire in synchrony.  In epilepsy, nerve cells or neurons lose their…
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