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ACES revisited
Some time has passed since my post ACES workflow and Resolve  and it seems to be the time to refresh the old article with some new info and also start a new series of posts about adventures in ACESland. Previous post was from the summer of 2012, when Resolv...

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Wat I have been up to...
Finished work for feature film "Supilinna Salaselts". My tasks were different paint fixes and compositing. Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm will open a new exhibition in September 2015. I was involved with the multimedia part. Made the upgrade ...

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Long time no see
I have been quite busy during the last months, and have gathered quite some things to write about: my work on feature film "1944" directed by Elmo Nüganen. See the trailer: new NAS (Synology rackmount RS3614xs) and server cabinet standing in the corner Amaz...

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Nuke 9 is pretty impressive!
I'm doing some projection based cleanup work and crunching through 4K exr plates is pretty slow with Nuke 8. Opened the same comp in Nuke 9 beta and voila, whole thing just flies! Not sure if it is the multi-threaded exr reading or improvements to scanliner...

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Nuke - smart cloning with time offset
Just a little snippet I'm using right now. If you need to clone from a certain area in plate but don't want to stabilize it and use a tracker as clone transform base instead, changing time offset of clone source shifts the area you are cloning from. To keep...

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Nuke get(channels=0xf) but request(channels=0x7) error
I'm doing some paint fix work and Nuke is getting pretty annoying with its  get(channels=0xf) but request(channels=0x7) error. It randomly throws it on different nodes and while in viewer everything renders correctly, Write nodes crash with an error. At fir...

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SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB SSD
Bought new SSD drive to act as a cache & in-production project files drive. First impressions are that performance is pretty solid with both read and write speeds noticeably higher than 500 MB/s with all file sizes. Let's see how it performs as a cache disk...

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12 bit TIFF files in Nuke
Opened up a sequence one day and it looked very strange with false colors and some width lost. Found out that Nuke does not support 12-bit TIFF files: At first I thought there was an issue with color encoding and tried some different stuff but as image was ...

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Convert checkerboard lens grid to SynthEyes dot pattern
This quick tutorial is based on a question from SynthEyes user forum topic Using traditional checkerboard grids, not 'calibrated' grid . How to use the checker lens grids with SynthEyes lens calibration scripts that expect a certain dot pattern? Solution is...

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QtCreator and linking minGW .a libraries
Started with my coding side project again and messed with the linking of .a shared library files. These "archive" files are the same thing as Visual C++ .lib files, but QtCreator does not like them and so they must be manually linked. Lib files can be added...
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