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I've always assumed I couldn't really only have a Chromebook over a laptop because I do some light video editing for work. But lately I've been using my iPad air to edit the movies I make, mostly shot with my iPhone, and I no longer use my  MacBook very much. It's become slow and the slight benefits of the iMovie on the Mac don't outweigh the headaches. Also, I use Excel a lot, and while I don't always need it to use it over Google Sheets, I like that I can now use it on the iPad. So, for less than the price of the cheapest Macbook Air, I can get two awesome devices with all the functionality I need. Not for everyone, but I'm sure others might be in the same kind of situation.

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In the year 1815 there was a concern from Principals about the latest classroom technology. It was paper. 

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Got my invitation to Jolicloud 2 beta! Get yours! #housewarming

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The first phase of the New UC opens in January, are you excited? Check out this video sneak peek:

So righty-tighty for screws and bolts, but not caps and jars? THANKS OBAMA! 

After a day of boot-looping on my S3, I managed to get CM 11 Nightly to work, but now my GAPPS are gone. Anyone have any ideas?

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Footprints for a Limitless Future!

Construction is happening now and the footprint for the foundation of the new Lower School building is down!

Is there a way to make my Google Docs/Drive work better on my Samsung 3? It's the reason I bought this thing and it's close to not functional right now. Everything else is much smoother. DEV

So, I tried to use my work Windows 8.1 machine for a task that involved switching between two programs, Word and a web-based Black Baud program. In theory, this exactly where a Windows machine should shine, but it did not. It was so frustrating to use because I was constantly getting bogged down in some weird program problem and crashes. I've also been looking at laptop specs and prices, and I'm not sure how you could ever choose an $800 Windows machine over $1000 Mac. That just seems insane. If I had a slightly faster Chromebook than my Samsung, and iPad Mini (for video editing), all of my bases would be covered and I would have two great devices. 

So, when are you going to roll out Auto-Awesome movies for more devices, and especially, Web. It would be the missing piece for me to break away from Apple but I still need it for iMovie now. I know I'm not alone on this. I have a Chromebook, a Galaxy Tab and an s3. Can I really be shut out of this after such a big investment in your ecosystem?
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