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i wonder if this is available by satellite?

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By The Bean Coffee Shop

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"GOT FLUORIDE?" The reality is that fluoride is a very dangerous chemical with serious risks of harm to both health and the environment. In truth, there are actually two different forms of what is called fluoride - calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. Calcium fluoride appears naturally and is confined, for the most part, to underground water sources and, in some instances, seawater.In this form it is relatively benign, but prolonged exposure has been linked to skeletal and dental fluorosis. However, sodium fluoride, the form of fluoride that is added to most municipal water supplies, food, and drink, is a very dangerous and toxic chemical.It does not occur naturally and is not even one distinct substance. Rather, it is a conglomeration of many different chemicals that is given the name of sodium fluoride and paraded as a health benefit. It is essentially a mix of waste products from the nuclear, aluminum, and fertilizer industries.It is also used for rat poison and pesticides.The results of having water supplies contaminated with fluoride reads like a laundry list of health problems:cancer
genetic DNA damage
thyroid disruption
reduced IQ
chronic fatigue
inability to focus
Alzheimer’s disease
accelerated aging
sleep disruption
brain disorders,
calcification of the pineal gland, etc.Interestingly enough, sodium fluoride also causes dental fluorosis, a yellowing and hardening of the teeth that causes teeth to break and wear down. This is quite ironic considering that the ADA promotes fluoride as an additive that prevents decay and promotes healthy teeth.
The distinction in BfR’s results between calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride is not readily made and, as is so often the case, the devil is in the details. Throughout the published study, all forms of fluoride are constantly referred to simply as "fluoride" with no delineation as to which form is being discussed, except by contextualization and observation. Occasionally, a specific form will be mentioned but, for the most part, the umbrella term “fluoride” is sufficient for the purpose of these researchers. This is how the toxin comes to be classified as a mineral and henceforth a nutrient. This is also where the nutrient group methodology comes into play. Sodium fluoride could not, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered to be a mineral or nutrient on its own. However, by using the nutrient group approach, which lumps all forms of the substance tested into one category, it slips under the radar.Indeed, in the section which discusses the sources of fluoride intake BfR states, Fluoride is taken up from solid foods, drinking water, mineral water, black tea, fluoride-containing toothpaste, dental care products, fluoridised table salt and, eventually, from fluoride-containing medicinal products here is clearly no distinction here between the different forms of fluoride. For example, the form of fluoride contained in mineral water (unless sodium fluoride was added) is calcium fluoride, while the fluoride contained in toothpaste is sodium fluoride. Yet there is no distinction given between the two."Thou shall not calcify my Pineal" 

Deep within us is an unrealized power more expansive than eternity, harnessed only by objectivity and unrelenting capacity to LOVE. 

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Hillsong United - "Oceans" (Live at RELEVANT):

Truth is a two edged sword...

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Kari Jobe - Here:

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