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Save things right in your cloud
Save things right in your cloud

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Hello there. Anyone wanna drive?

200 users of the extension! Thanks to all of you!

Even if DriveIt now haves 200 users, just one helped to its development with ideas (you've been heard, +Dustin Mets!). Can you help us? Just open the extension's menu, click the DriveIt logo and choose how would you like to help!

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DriveIt 1.1.0 is now available! New features are:

· Translated to Spanish, Portuguese and French
· Now you can upload files from URLs, open the popup menu to start uploading!
· You can check the about menu clicking in the DriveIt logo at the popup menu.

1.1.0 is almost done! Just trying to fix a bug, when solved, the new release will be available at Chrome Web Store!

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1.1.0 is coming... and the 1st version of DriveIt was released less than a day ago! ;)

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Get DriveIt: a Chrome extension which lets you upload files from a webpage directly to Google Drive!
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