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David McDonald
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Dedicated to significant change

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I have an Update on my office locations:
I now see clients at 12157 West Cedar Dr. (Suite 215), Lakewood, CO 80228 and
2101 South Blackhawk Street (Suite 240), Aurora, CO 80011
my contact information remains:
(303)506-0074 email: david
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Dear family and friends
Help I have been drafted. no not really but I do need your help; on June 18th I will be participating in the 3rd Annual "100 Holes of Golf" event.
The event raises much needed funds for the Colorado Haiti Project Team.
Proceeds from the Colorado Haiti Projects tema sponsorships will be directed towards education. Education is the foundation upon which the capacity of a community's to develop is built.
Education is at the core of all we as a community can accomplish whether it be clean water, sanitation, agronomy, health care and or job creation.
So this is what I am asking you to do;
Support me as I play 100 holes by making a financial contribution-$25.00, $50.00 $100.00 any amount will be appreciated. This is how you give the 100 holes of golf ALL your money ( ok, so not all).
Go to the following link, select me as your golfer, fill in the amount of your contribution and hit the donate button.
You will be taken to a secure site to complete your transaction. It is that simple! Here is the Link:
Colorado Project Team:
If you comfortable doing so please forward this email to you network of family, friends and colleagues with a personal note from encouraging them to sponsor me (comic relief on the golf course)! Hopefully they will follow your lead and support the work of the Colorado Haiti Project.
My greatest thank you.
Warm regards
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This is a must read.
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A glorious burst of color, Romania 

Please Follow: +Amazing World 
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this is the way to Honor the service one gives to our country way to go H.D.
Have to share it! Way to go Harley Davidson!
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Upcoming Colorado Counseling Association Conference.
Please follow the link provided to register for this most exciting event.
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I am reaching out to/ connecting with Therapists who are also Veterans, Vets helping Vets. If you are one or if you know some one who is please contact me or have them contact me.
Phone 303.506.0074   email:
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The Flight of the Eagle

Is truly amazing!

With this bird flying by me and my camera, sometimes within 3 feet, I can only smile, and be in awe of the spectacular work of nature.

At almost 8 pounds, the eagle slides through the air with ease and an accuracy that is hard to imagine. It's very large tail feathers act like a rudder that steers a very large boat in the proper direction.

As he flies with keeping the wind forces in mind, the superb landings on our perches are a visual wonder.  Next time I plan to work on the head on shots... with those eyes focused directly at my lens!  Let's just hope this one does not land on my head!

Merry Christmas!

Bald Eagle in Flight (captive)
RJB Raptors in Flight Workshops
1/1600s f/4.0 at 340.0mm iso1600

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