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Megan Butler
21 year old trainee teacher who loves fashion and beauty :) xo
21 year old trainee teacher who loves fashion and beauty :) xo


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My New Blog Series || A Guide to Renting
So, as I've recently got back on the blogging train (fingers crossed it lasts) I thought I needed a new series for my blog to keep me focused and excited to write. Life has changed a lot since I last blogged properly and the biggest change is the fact that ...

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Salon Science Hydraluxe Range || Review
 So I mentioned briefly in this hair care post about my sensitive scalp and it's not something I really talk about. I find that having a dry, flaky scalp can be terribly embarrassing and not many people understand what causes the flakes. Anyway, that being ...

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Blogosphere Magazine || Review
Blogosphere Magazine   is pretty hard to find and when you ask if a certain shop stocks it, you get the funniest look in the world. However, don't give up preserver and when you find you won't be disappointed There's a list of stockists here . I had heard a...

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Blonde Hair Care || Tips & Tricks
For the past year or so, I have slowly been having my hair dyed lighter and lighter, The whole process started as balyage and now i'm not really sure what happens. I've started having my natural roots lightened too! However all that dye makes it hard to mai...

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Inside The Makeup Drawers || Single Eyeshadows, Blushers, Highlighters
I'm addicted to buying makeup! I just love the feeling of using a new product and obviously it helps with the blog and stuff. A while ago I shared my Foundation Collection   and so today I thought i'd share another drawer from my makeup storage. It doesn't ...

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4 Nights In Disneyland Paris || Travel
 So December was the best month of 2016 for me! Not only was it full with Christmas markets and cosy shopping trips, but it also meant I finished work for 19 days and got to relax and enjoy my Christmas break with friends and family. For 4 of those days, my...

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How I Edit My Pictures || Tips & Tricks
If you've read my 2017 Blog Goals post then you'll know that one of my aims for the year is to up my Instagram . One way I hope to do that is by improving my photography, alongside buying a fancy nancy camera (which you 100% don't need), there are also some...

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Top Tips to Unwind and Relax
I've had a rubbish few months and sometimes life gets on top of me and I just need a break. I've mentioned lots of times that I'm a teacher and contrary to popular belief it isn't a 9-3 job. I'm at work by 7:20am and I work solidly until 7ish every night - ...

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Benefit They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit || Review
Benefit  always seems to be one step ahead of the game, they seem to bring out the newest launches months before the rest of the industry catch up. Benefit's  They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit   is no different, it's an addition to the  They're Real  collection...

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I love Hydraluron, it's amazing!xo
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