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Evi, the AI with her very own app to help in your daily information needs
Evi, the AI with her very own app to help in your daily information needs


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Time for a sit down and a chat about Evi, what she is, how she works, and how she differs from the others.

A new update has just been released for iOS users!  This fixes the map problem, as well as making sure Evi's pretty face is back at the top of the screen.  It also includes a faster start up time for the app, greater control over Evi's speaking volume and improved compatibility for iPhone 5. So get thee to the app store and download the new update to have Evi running smoother and faster than ever.

Android users, fear not... your update is on its way too. •)

Update on the "you are not authorised" problem some iOS users have experienced.  

Nuance have announced that they discovered the bug which appeared in the update to their service last Thursday which was causing the problem and have deployed a fix which should address the issue.

If anyone continues to experience this problem, please let us know immediately, but Nuance have stated the problem should now be fixed.

Many thanks for your patience, folks.

If you've experienced an error message on Evi stating "You are not authorised to use this service, then many apologies for the inconvenience.

Evi uses a service called Nuance for it's speech recognition and this error appears to be a wider Nuance related problem which is also affecting other apps and services beyond Evi. 

Nuance are aware and are working on the fix. We'll keep you posted when we hear more. Thanks for your patience, folks.

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William, Evi's founder, talks to Macworld about the evolution of voice and what it means for the future of the way we interact with machines.

So, today's question is "where?"  Do you find you use Evi more when you're on the move? Out and about? While at work or at home?

For all those iPhone users who have been itching to get their hands on the new voice control features which went live for Android last week, good news! The update has now hit the app store and is available for download, so you can now use Evi to send text messages and emails or make phone calls!

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Who wants Evi to send text messages? Emails? What about making phone calls by asking her? OK, then who wants an Evi widget for their Android phone to access Evi faster? If that's you, then good news! A new update just went live today for Android, with the iPhone update on its way.

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An article from 2007, Proof that no matter how prestigious your news service, you don't get them right all the time.

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Knowledge hounds! Team Evi are asking YOU for information today. Break out your royal trivia share what you know.
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