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Revive Active is the leading health food supplement in Ireland and the UK.
Revive Active is the leading health food supplement in Ireland and the UK.


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Find out how supplementation has evolved over the years.
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Why should we choose Krill Oil over all other Fish Oils? Read Revive Active's latest blog about the benefits of Krill Oil to find out.  

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We launched our new smart product Mastermind in the UK recently.  It is a 100% natural formulation that combines ingredients proven to play a vital role in mental performance, brain and cognitive function.  Check out our feature on Irish TV.  Want to find out more 

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Establish your morning routine with these top tips from Revive
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5 ways to boost your brain power!

The brain is the most incredible machine we have ever encountered, constantly working to store, process and recall information. It’s a difficult job and modern day stresses like information overload, money worries, and the ups and downs of life make it harder on our brain function. Not only does the brain not keep up with the workflow, but it can cease repairing and building entirely. Revive Active‘s Daniel Jones has some tips to keep our brains in shape..
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We're delighted to announce Mastermind is now officially launched. The launch of Revive Active's fifth product, Mastermind, took place in the iconic John, Bell & Croyden store in London yesterday afternoon.

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Mastermind by Revive Active the newest product from award winning company launches today in the UK. 
Mastermind, which will be a health food supplement specifically targeted at cognitive function and memory health, contains vitamin B12 which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, vitamin B5 which contributes to normal mental performance, zinc which supports normal cognitive function, and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (algae sourced) which contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. The special form of DHA within Mastermind is extracted from algae making it unique and suitable for vegetarians. 
Its impressive credentials include approval by top researchers at the University of Northumbria, which is the UK’s Brain Performance Nutrition Research Centre, who helped the company arrive at the final formulation for Mastermind.
Managing Director Daithi O’Connor said that the university team is regarded as experts in their field of brain performance nutritional research within Europe. “They worked closely with our Director of R&D Dr. Daniel Jones and made a number of suggestions before signing off on the final formulation.”
He is understandably pleased with the product and says, “Having researched what was previously available, it is evident that Mastermind has raised the bar. This is probably the best health food supplement formulation for cognitive function and memory health available.”
Pre-orders for the product, which is due for release in the next few weeks, are substantial and extremely encouraging. This is a result of the company’s reputation and precedent for making the highest quality nutritional products.
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Revive Active work with the world’s smartest scientists and nutritionists to calculate what it takes to deliver the greatest benefits.

The best ingredients combined in the most effective quantities. That’s how we make fantastic food supplements that work.

Every REVIVE ACTIVE product contains active natural nutrients. Each ingredient is the best quality produced anywhere in the world. What’s more, our unique formulas combine them in the precise quantities that concentrate and harness their synergistic potential to invoke the most beneficial effect.

Put simply, we put more goodness in so you get more out.

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Mastermind by Revive Active. 
Mastermind is the newest product in the Revive Active range and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This formulation combines amazing active ingredients proven to play a vital role in mental performance, brain and cognitive function.

Mastermind is the most comprehensive approach to delivering key nutrients which contribute to brain and cognitive function, mental performance and nervous system function. As we all strive to maximise our potential and preserve our quick thinking and sharp memories for a long and vibrant life, nourishment for the brain AND the body is key. 
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Introducing Mastermind by Revive Active - Mastermind by Revive Active is the 5th and newest formulation to be added to the Revive Active product family. Mastermind is the most comprehensive nootropic supplement formulated for the brain, cognitive function, mental performance and nervous system function. Developed in collaboration with Northumbria University – The Brain Performance Nutrition Centre, Mastermind offers a formulation like no other with 350mg DHA, 300mg uridine, 250mg choline plus much more. Suitable for students, professionals, parents and seniors, free from sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and suitable for vegetarians, Mastermind is super smart support for every brain.   #Mastermind   #ReviveActive  
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