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Phillip Katete
Freelaance Accountant, Bookkeeper and Software developer.
Freelaance Accountant, Bookkeeper and Software developer.

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Narrative - that must be the word of the year.

Let me try and get this straight first time.
1. ISIS has this past week (and following on from the Paris attacks) been branded by many political leaders and in the media as an existential threat to the western way of life.

2. Turkey, a member of NATO, has today shot down a Russian jet that was bombing ISIS, apparently for straying into its teritory.

Is it any coincidence that this happens in the week that the conservative government is seeking parliamentary approval to start bombing ISIS in Syria (as if the bombs already raining there are not enough already)?

If at all Mr. Putin is the unprincipaled leader that we have been led to believe he is, then the act of shooting down a Russian jet will, as sure as day turns to night, provoke a retalliation from Russia. I actually believe it would be expected of any principaled leader to retaliate, short of an apology and adequate compensation.

Will this moment of utter stupidity be the precursor to WW3 seing an attack on any NATO member is percieved as an attack on all members of NATO?


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RIP - I'll miss those columns in the ES

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PayPal now accepting bitcoin.

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Why should you build your own Bootstrap?

Find out now. It's #LazyWebShow time!

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Just obliging ..

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Now I am sure this is a well troden path, but if the big wigs at the BBC knew about this and still decided to cut short our series, let alone putting the show's future at risk, then heads have to roll, and I do not mean Hammond and May here.

What a bloody disgrace this is turning out to be of the BBC bigwigs ....

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Price tag!

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Looking for a good cause this xmas?

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