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Help me internets! I'm working on a generator of random mundane magical items and need a list of 100 quirks. Here are some examples:

turns the skin of the user blue
makes the user nauseous
makes the user giggle uncontrollably
sheds a bright multicolored light
tells horrible truths
is uncomfortably cold to the touch
emits the sound of nails on a chalkboard
slithers and squirms in hand
drips with black blood

The effect of these items lasts about five minutes so it should be something that will matter in that time. These also shouldn't be so severe that players won't want to use them, but they should be something that players consider when using them.

I need about 80 more of these so please comment and add them below!


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I made a thing!  Because I love Harmontown, and missed their D&D session this week, I made a thing, which is wallpaper sized.  It’s sort of inspired by 60’s and 70’s movie posters, such as the original “Ocean’s 11”.

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A gnome shoots his ally in the back of the head, and then falls on his ass trying to get away. The party's not the only ones acting like jackasses in D&D this week!

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So, I started a podcast with +Aaron Buell  a few weeks back, but I realized I forgot to put anything about it on here, so here it is:

On Everyone’s Got a Thing, we think that everyone has some thing that they’re really in to, and if they speak passionately about it, it will be interesting and entertaining, no matter what it is.

EGAT is hosted by noted NW Indiana curmudgeon Jim Kliss and co-hosted when he’s available by the lovely and talented Aaron Buell.

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Gets caught stealing.  Sues Charity.
Did someone decide to top the Internets-villain-lawyering world record set by Penny Arcade vs. Jack Thompson? 

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this small work I did should be very useful for understanding Google+ very fast. Feel free to share it to help every newbie and give me some feedback on the original post:

Background source: by +Gahan Raj
Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful

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Oh, Google+ I want to love you, but why you no let me integrate WordPress into you?
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