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STC India - Goa 2013
The most celebrated annual gathering of the technical communication community in India
The most celebrated annual gathering of the technical communication community in India


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Goa conference - session slides and photos

Slides from most of the Goa conference sessions are now available at

Slides from some of the sessions are missing; we will make them available as soon as possible.

You may also want to see the collection of photos from the conference on Facebook at

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GOA 2013 - Last chance to register online

Online registrations for STC India's conference in Goa close today. If you want to register online, please do so NOW.

We will accept on-the-spot registrations at the conference venue on Friday through cash payments only.

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As technical communicators, we are responsible for delivering information to help the users, but the ownership of documentation is shared with our reviewers. Writers spend a lot of time and effort in scheduling time from reviewers, and then triaging conflicting and ambiguous feedback from these reviewers. 

So is managing documentation reviews an art or a science?

Join KUMAR DHANAGOPAL at STC India's 15th Annual Conference in Goa as he looks at the challenges of documentation reviews, discusses the underlying reasons, and explores specific techniques and strategies to overcome these challenges. He will also discuss examples and case snapshots based on real-work situations.

Kumar is a consulting project lead for documentation at Oracle.

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Games are used in varied applications such as military training, education, and physical therapy. But can you also use them in technical documentation?

Why not?

Join SMRUTI BEOHAR at STC India's 15th Annual Conference in Goa as she examines the relationship between computer games and technical communication. She will also discuss the seven principles used in designing computer games. She will then also discuss how games can be used to teach a procedural approach to complex documentation activities.

Smruti is an independent technical writer.

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Goa Beckons!

We have only a few days to go for the most celebrated technical communication event of the year.

If you have not yet registered, do so NOW to book your seat.

If you have already registered, you would have got a confirmation from STC India. If you have registered and have not got a confirmation, write to +Naveen D Cruz.

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Goa 2013 - Discount for #students

We are happy to announce a discount for students on the registration fees for the Goa conference. Students can participate in the conference by paying Rs 2000 (against the regular fee of Rs 3500).

Bonafide students must send their details to +Fred Menezes in the following format:


Students can register for the conference after their details are accepted by STC India.

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STC India 2013 - Pre-conference (webinars)

Tomorrow, 28-Sep-2013, is pre-conference day. We are having sessions in Chennai and Pune. You can join the keynote session of the 
day even if you are not in Chennai or Pune.

The keynote session of the day will be "Being relevant in 2028: Strategies for future proofing your content"

The session will be conducted as a live webinar from Chicago by XML industry influencer, +Don Day. In the session, Don will address the trend of moving away ever more strongly from print-based use of content and look at the ways you can self-assess your writing today so that it can be used for the next 15 years on devices that are yet to be invented.

You too can join the webinar from your home or office. For details, see

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Goa Conference Schedule

The detailed schedule along with the session descriptions for the Goa conference is at

To book your seat for the conference, go to

For accommodation options, see You may also get other good deals through Groupon, MakeMyTrip, and similar sites. 

The conference venue is in Varca, South Goa. Besides Varca, you could look for accommodation in Benaulim, Colva, Margao, and Mobor.

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From +Mak Technowrites:

Do you have something to share with the technical communication community? Do you want to set the agenda for a small portion of STC India’s conference by the beach? 
Here’s your chance!
Participate in the 2013 Goa conference and be a speaker for the PowerTalks session.
* 8-10 PowerTalks will happen simultaneously.
* Each session will run for 15 minutes only (including Q&A).
* Participants will move on from one session to another.
* If required, you could be repeating your PowerTalk 3-4 times.
* The session will happen outdoors (think of lush green lawns, a winding swimming pool with aquamarine water, or the beach!) without any whiteboard, slides, or even handouts.
* Ideally, the topic should be about technical communication. But you can also pick up a topic related to management, technology, Internet, and so on.
* You will need to submit a brief of your topic before or during the conference to Mak Pandit (email ID). The deadline for submitting your brief is 2:00 pm on October 11.
* The PowerTalks agenda will be announced at about 4:00 pm on October 11. The PowerTalks are tentatively scheduled for 5:00 pm on October 11. 
Here is the conference agenda The PowerTalks session is mentioned as Unconference.

And here is the registration link

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Hurry, registration closes today, 26 September 2013!

STC India Chennai: Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshop – 28 September (Saturday), 2013 

No participation fee for both members and non-members of STC India.

To register, fill the form below.

For more details, contact
Saravanan Manoharan
Secretary, STC India Chapter - 2013
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