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K.O. Myers
I have yet to find the proper mix of humility and bombast necessary to write a really compelling biographical blurb.
I have yet to find the proper mix of humility and bombast necessary to write a really compelling biographical blurb.

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Trying to implement a "listen more than I speak" regimen. This has the potential to make a lot of text-based conversations very awkward.

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With special affection for anyone who still enjoys #reading paper #books. :)

"Leveraged a precision-deployed physical progress demarcation tool to eliminate redundant utilization of a legacy physical information storage resource in chronologically distinct consumption periods."
— Used a bookmark.

I forgot to put on a belt today. I'm trying to think it less as a potentially embarrassing oversight, and more as an opportunity for unexpected pants adventures.

I'm a linguistic descriptivist who's still mortified when I send a text with a typo in it. Truly I contain (thoroughly banal) multitudes.

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+Kate Christian is a flippin' genius. #curmuedgeon

The only other time I remember being #sick on New Year's Eve was when I last had the flu in 1999. I haven't missed a flu shot since, but it also kind of ruined that Prince song for me.

I hate to say it, but I suspect that the wave of celebrity deaths in 2016 is only the beginning of a grim long term trend. The reach of broadcast media expanded dramatically in the 60's. This made it possible for many more people working in entertainment (and a variety of other fields) to become a part of the public consciousness, while simultaneously making it easier for the public to learn about their lives (and deaths) with relative ease. That trend has only been accelerated by the rise of the internet. The media cultures that have flourished online have significantly lowered the level of exposure required for someone to count as "famous" by grounding themselves in the perceived personal connection between entertainer and fan. This doesn't bode well for a drop off in celebrity obituaries in 2017 and beyond.

The real lesson of "A Christmas Carol" is to share your avarice and misanthropy with a trusted colleague, and then make sure that person predeceases you. Otherwise you'll miss your shot at redemption. Be a Scrooge, not a Marley.

I am paying attention to G+ again after a long hiatus, for entirely selfish reasons. Do with that what you will.

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When people describe me, they consistently neglect to mention my ability to rock an obnoxiously oversized bow.
#festive #fashion
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