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Though I am thoroughly unaffected by G+'s pseudonym policy (thanks to an awesome FTM lawyer friend in Albany), many of my online furry pals will be. I've decided I will no longer post on it or check it for updates until they decide to allow users to go exclusively by their online identity. (Hangouts are essential for LPs, though, so I'll make an exception for that.)

Why, you may ask? Here's the possibly-final Lobst List:

- If you create content that is taboo or objectionable to the majority, you should be free to promote this content via social networking services with an identity that cannot be seen by running your real name through an Internet search engine by a potential employer

- If you're female and want to be taken seriously on the boys' club that is the Internet, you deserve to be able to post your comments and opinions without being openly judged by sexist assholes

- If your real or chosen name falls outside standard naming conventions, you would ideally be able to communicate online without having to be harassed by Google to scan your driver's license

- If you're transgendered and Google forces you to use your given name -- which you can't afford to legally change -- that's pretty fucked up, isn't it?

Cheers, everybody! I can be found on Twitter (, Tumblr (, deviantART (, Talking Time, Something Awful, and my personal websites ( and See you whenever!
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