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The Grave Blogger
A mystery / suspense novel by Donna D. Fontenot
A mystery / suspense novel by Donna D. Fontenot

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Did you know you can give a Kindle ebook as a gift, even if the recipient doesn't own a Kindle? That means you have a way to give all your reader friends a great last-minute stocking stuffer (really cheap) without having to worry about a gift arriving on time.

How do you give an ebook as a gift? It is extremely simple to give a Kindle ebook as a gift. On Amazon, just pick out the book you want and instead of clicking "buy now", click "Give as a Gift". You will be taken to a page where all you have to do is enter the email address of the recipient (and, optionally, their name and a message) and place your order and you are done.

Don't worry if your friends don't have Kindles. They don't need one!

They can download the free Kindle app to their PC, Mac, or smart phone and read any Kindle ebook from the free Kindle app! Cool, huh? So, if you need a last-minute gift for a friend who reads, give them a Kindle ebook!

If you'd like to give them my novel, it's only $2.99 at .

Last day! 99c for The Grave Blogger! Will it hit Top 100 in Amazon mystery category? Help make it happen! #kindle

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Kindle Fire Department ( cool books featured here today. ;) )

For 6 days, The Grave Blogger is on sale for 99 cents! It's not a secret, so retweet it! :) #kindle

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Declare your independence this Independence Day from boring old books from publishers that still live in the past! Enter to win an Indie audiobook of The Grave Blogger. Contest is from July 4th, 2013 to 12:00 a.m. July 9th, 2013. It's easy to enter! #giveaway  

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I'm so excited! The Grave Blogger just won 1st Place Blue Ribbon in the Chanticleer Mystery / Suspense Category. You may remember a few months ago that I was nominated for the award. Today, it was just announced that I won!

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People are tweeting about The Grave Blogger - probably people that many of you have in your Google Plus circles! Find out what your peers think of my novel. If your friends like it, you might too.

What's being said about The Grave Blogger?

"Like the other reviewers have mentioned, this book will draw you in from the start! Once I began reading it, I KNEW I would be finishing it in the same day, as I HAD to know how it would end!! Being from Louisiana myself, I also loved the setting- I could almost see the moss covered trees and taste the Po-boys that were perfectly described.
Make sure you set aside enough time to finish this book in one or two sittings because once you begin it, you won't want to put it down!"

"Better get a copy if you have not already....... I started reading and didn't put it down for six hours.... Really rare for me to do anything for more than about 20 minutes at a time. "

"I'm not a great one for fiction, and when I do pick up a book I often throw it aside after a chapter-or-two. When I purchased The Grave Blogger on though, it had me spellbound to the last page. Couldn't put it down. I missed appointments and had the family wondering what happened--I wasn't planning to read but once I had those pages open I had to keep reading right to the end. I love Fontenot's style, and I think we might have a new genre here: Blogger Fiction. The story centers around a talented young crime blogger and her mysterious past. I'm not saying any more though--read it for yourself. The Grave Blogger is highly recommended. I love that it comes in my favorite Kindle format too."

These are just a few of the comments being made about the book. If you read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too!

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in discussing the book, either via a blog post, radio or podcast interview, or any other type of media, get in touch! You can either contact me here on Google Plus, or email me at donna [at] 
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