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William Ellerbe
Google+, Google Android, Linux, Open Source, Social Media and Going Green. Let's talk about it.
Google+, Google Android, Linux, Open Source, Social Media and Going Green. Let's talk about it.

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Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

When a Guest told me about Dubai getting ready to release a "flying vehicle," I had to hop online to find information on this subject. In kind I could help but to share with you the first resource that I found. Feel free to leave a comment regarding this innovative development.

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Acer Revo Build

Happy to hear about the Acer Revo Build modular computer. Time to add this innovation to my "Wish List."

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Bookmark Your Course Progress with Udemy

Recently I would navigate to the "Bookmarks" section of my course for Ruby On Rails, and I discovered something wonderful. The notes that I enter at various places in the course appear in a tab that I can refer back to as I become more familiar with the course material. If you're taking a course through Udemy, please feel free to share something you like about the structure of their online courses.

Open Source Idea

Sunday, 12/11/16 @ 8:43 PM

Hello Google+ Community,

In the spirit of Linus Torvalds, I'm sharing an idea for an Open Source project. With human potential, it is my understanding that man is gifted with at least three abilities. This includes the ability to:

1) Read
2) Write
3) Perform Mathematical operations

In keeping with an Open Source solution, I plan to build a web app (possibly with #RubyOnRails) that would allow individuals to post the status of what they have done to cultivate each of their three abilities. Eventually this web app would be linked to a Google+ group where individuals could talk about their progress. If you know about a solution that sounds similar to what I'm describing, please let me know. Otherwise, I welcome the opportunity for anyone to share ideas regarding the possibility of creating a web app to monitor the progress of cultivating our 3 core abilities. Until then take care and have a blessed evening.

Sincerely Yours,

William A Ellerbe

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Amazing Example of Health and Nutrition

This is one video that I had to watch all the way to the end. This amazing story of Jim Morris will touch your life in a mighty way.

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Precious Upgrade for Raspberry Pi

First I was already impressed by the "price" for Raspberry Pi, which is a measly $35.00 (seriously affordable). Today I am impressed to read about the recent PIXEL update for this platform. If you think that I am excited about this update, you are correct. As a person who is new to the Raspberry Pi platform, I can always appreciate a software update that helps to enhance the User Experience. The years that I've spent with Linux has given me an appreciation for a beautiful desktop. Today I get a chance to experience this kind of update with Raspberry Pi.

As of this moment, I am using the free PuTTY to access the Terminal in my Raspberry Pi install. This app gives me the access I need to perform simple updates like the one that's taking place. When the update is complete, I plan to follow up with another update of my experience with the new platform. Let's get ready to rumble!

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Cardboard Triangle Prototype

Earlier this evening I began working on a concept of construction for excess cardboard. I have a theory that a multi-ply triangular cardboard structure can support a substantial amount of weight. When we go a step further as to combine multiple triangles in this fashion, it is now possible to create the "base" for a larger structure. This structure could be another box, or the base for cardboard furniture. The sky is the limit for a concept like this. In closing, I'm prayerful that this post will be an inspiration for someone to find a new use for pre-existing materials.

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Resources for Raspberry P Users

In your travels, you may want to stop by #Staples in your area to find a microSD and Micro USB cable. These two resources will come in handy for Raspberry Pi users.

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America's Greatest Makers  

Introduction to Prototyping: As a person who loves the task of making something, I have the greatest appreciation for the concept of #prototyping  as demonstrated in this video. Creativity is definitely a wonderful branch of art therapy.

#AmericasGreatestMakers   #Prototyping   #BuildSomething   #CreativeGenius   #Solutions  

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Renewable Energy from Evaporating Water  

Taking a moment to appreciate an amazing discovery. Through this video on YouTube, I would learn about a project where renewable energy was generated from water that evaporates over a period of time. In summary I can honestly tell you that I have a greater appreciation for Biology, due in part to this incredible discovery.

#YouTube   #RenewableEnergy   #EvaporatingWater   #Biology  
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