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Why commas make a difference:
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This is precisely why James Joyce would have failed as a copy writer!
And honestly, who are we to judge anybody else's lifestyle? Maybe her family is tasty and her dog, tender?
But how does she prepare them? I must know!
ha ha ha ha 
So i guess that's where lassy went lol.
Don't get me started on pronouns and inappropriate quotation marks.
Even with the comma, the grammar fails the test of consistency. Once you start with a structure you should continue with the same; in this instance, prepositional phrases: inspiration "in cooking", [inspiration implied] "from her family" and [inspiration implied again] "from her dog."

Excuse the pedantry if it offends, especially Americans. and dog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(notice the comas) chop suey for dinner tonight......!!!...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
cody whitley should replace rachael, he loves dogs around the crotch
I always figured she was up to no good...
A must see issue in North Korea and the Philipines!!
Cooking her family and Dog? Hahahahaha!
So that's why she's all so bubbly
Roflmao :D 😂 this is too funny xD
Zack Wi
She cooked her family!!!!
Nahh... It's just showing how it would look without commas, but that would be insane though if she really did that
Oh please Rachael, do not tell Barry because he is known to WOK the dog too.
one of the editors has to go back to back to school
If she really did do that though, then It looks like it's time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.....
So she is the source of the zombie Attacks!

But seriously that is one big oops lol
Wow some people are so oblivious to their work. -_-
Ok some people I'm okay with, but not pets. 
That dog needs to fatten up before eating. 
Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking: her family and her dog. Big difference.

A panda bear walks into a Starbucks, grabs a bagel, eats it, then with a disgruntled look on his face he pulls out his "open carry" handgun shoots a hole in the ceiling, and walks to the door. When a patron stopped him to ask what he was doing he said nothing but pulled out a copy of a wild life guide with a dogeared page marked "Panda: eats shoots and leaves" fry up and dog fried rice and ribs followed by commer soufle allacarte
Lol, I had to read it a couple times before I understood that there were supposed to be commas XD
I guess it could be either "Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking: her family and her dog." or maybe "Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking, her family, and her dog."
Oh my gash, I thought she was going to cock her family and her poor dog.
Another zombie attack? Not you too Rachael Ray!
Actually, it should be written thusly: 
"Rachael Ray finds inspiration:
in cooking,
her family,
and her dog."

Colons, the disappearing punctuation mark. And next up, is a semi-colon only part of an ass?
A comma would make no difference, the word for would be much better
People say commas arent important ;)
Betcha it was the dog
don't know if anyone else pick this up..
but isn't it "eat, pray, love"?
what the heck is "eat, ray, love"!¿
If you know Rachael Ray then you know that isn't a type-o
Under 30 minutes = chihuahua.
You can tell a dog is ripe if she sticks her tongue out when you squeeze her.
the real question is how many commas are appropriate?
she must be friends with Obama
poor dog :( also poor family LOL 
its a photoshop and not even a good one.  the actual magazine was published correctly. 
don't blame the editor is a dog. lol
NOW that's great..Because you can make the two taste great toghter.
Well. Its Photoshoped, or maybe Gimped?
Maybe they did it on purpose. sounds like a more interesting story. I'd read
Not yet, she just finds inspiration in cooking, she will eat them with asparagus LOL
Always disliked her for reason just could not put my finger on it. Luckily I did not put my finger on it cuz it was her dead dog.  tsk tsk
The real problem is the absence of "for". 
A comma would do the trick as well, adding a "for" changes the sentence.
"Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking, her family and her dog"
"Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking for her family and her dog"
she has the face that says i am a cannibal and i enjoy having a dog  or two.. o.O
This explains why no one in her family ever complained about her cooking.
And only the other week it was annouced that the Oxford comma is to be phased out!
And, the title of the magazine looks like "Fail"
Is that the secret to true happiness? I guess I don't love my family enough to eat them and our dog.
damn rachael ray is eating dogs and people now was dahmer her cousin
Lmfao what a fail , Rachel is apperently eating her loved ones -_- , I wonder what idoit missed this mistake :|
how would a dog's and a human meat taste like
Haha finally I see people who make the magazines screw up!
At least she's honest about it. A lot of people try to hide stuff like that. 
Ms May
Lol! That's awesome!
Is she going to cook her family and dog?
Has nothing to do with a comma, they simply forgot a word in "cooking FOR her family and her dog". Do you see any comma's in that?
Poor gramar is both amusing and shameful.
LOL,who ever wrote that they didn't think.
if it is posted in china ,nothing is special.
Lol. Cant believe everyone and the editor missed this.
how the fuck would a comma have saved this?
it doesn't help the cooking her family. 
I bet the editors knew it, they did it on purpose! 
maybe she likes cooking for her dog and her family :P
First we have kunt the polar bear from NBC. Now we have Rachael Ray the cannibal from Tails Magazine.
I know the man who chewed that guy's face off would love to have a plate. . .
zombie apoclypse is here remember the guy hu ate another guys face? all proof of quarintine thats wy my basement is filled with baked beans and shotgun shells. . . . . . . . . . . . . . jk 
but i du believe in zombies. . . . . . . . . 
It's funny to see that they copied the film title with commas.
Tj John
The ever so hard "English Language"!!!!!!
Don't it make you laugh though lol.
you can see the fear in the dog's eyes!!!
"Real or not?", it was still good for a laugh! :)
Embarrassment to tails... Someone got paid and they can't even write. But then again, someone also approved it, and they got paid even more. Not sure what's worse, but I have OCD regarding improper use of grammar and punctuation.
lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,till LoL ha
First commas, next the apostrophe.  No more we're for we are but just were, a past tense not a present sense
So Is Rachel Ray responsible for the Zombie Apocolypse ?
Did she do it in 30 minutes our less?
obama will be right over for a slice of dog.
I don't think it's the comma, I think it's missing a work instead "FOR" oh nvm I guess it does need the comma lol
Bahaaa! Great Rachael Ray has gone Zombie-Sort of!
This is a great illustration of when commas matter.  Of course it is photoshopped by web gnomes--google "tails magazine rachel ray" to see the unedited version with the original commas. are so right....they might think she us on those bath salts
Eating families and dogs is a hobby loool
Just sped through all the comments ... no Hannibal Lecter reference, or did I miss one? 
"... with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti ..."
and u Americans blame the koreans
I could cope with eating the dog,but her family..whoa!
lol y would she eat her family and dog it doesnt make sense WAT DUZ IT MEAN!!!!!!!
Oh God and I just ate two hot dogs...
And capitalization is the difference between "I helped by uncle Jack off a horse" and "I helped my uncle jack off a horse".
Adi T.
good spotted! 
OMG, the comma is not missing, the preposition "FOR" beneficiary of the action,
IMO, it should read "Rachael Ray finds inspiration for cooking through her family and her dog." So it's really missing a  couple of words.
Funny how native English speakers make such simple mistakes like this one.
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