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Get ready to discover the home screen for you. The #myAndroid Taste Test is here:
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to all fellow Pokemon Go players: With the FKU we can improve our battery life! The following are for the 5X, but it should be adoptable to other phones with modified values:

I made a per-app profile, in which I set:
- the thermal throttle to 15° (big cluster is off with that, it is not needed for Pokemon Go)
- Little Cluster max freq: 960MHz, althoug lower values should also be just enough
- little Cluster boost: 864MHz
- GPU Max Freq to 367MHz (have not tried 300MHz yet)

And applied the profile to the Pokemon Go app. It loads a bit slower but still fast enough.

My battery life is significantly better, and now my small powerbank is able to charge the phone while playing, with default settings, the battery was getting down although it was connected. 

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Dear website devs, I use a password manager to handle my passwords. STOP blocking paste is password fields. Thanks #security   #icandoitmyself  

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+Francisco Franco​​ trolling the commenters of apps.

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I've created a new wish list. This list will contain my recommendations for Type-C to Type-C cables.


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Nerd hacking level, God.

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Caught some good snow flakes today! These were taken with a Nexus 5x.
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Happy New Year!!
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