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Voted "Most Likely to Take Over the World"

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I started using my Habitica.

Labeling my expense reports "hard" to give myself tons of XP and gold for completing them was bizarrely motivating.

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Not one, but two Hawaiian food trucks out of the half dozen in the alley near work today.
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Podcasts I listen to right now:
- The Comedy Button
- We Have Concerns
- Hardcore History

(Fair warning-- TCB is tough to get into. It takes a couple of episodes to be able to distinguish some of the casts members. I recommend starting with the clips on YouTube-- maybe Snakes are Dumb, Brian Loves Carrot Cake, and Realistic Fast Food Reviews.)

At some point in the future I will probably listen again to
- Planet Money
- Freakonomics
- Limited Resources (a must-listen if you play a lot of Magic)
- Podcast Beyond (PlayStation podcast, and if you like the goofy parts of this then TCB is more of that, with many of the same people)

What else should I check out?

Who knows some great armies that weren't based on heavy infantry or archer-cavalry?

Hardcore History implies that most of them break down into one of those strategies but that seems like a bold claim and I don't have enough general military history background to check it.

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These are really good

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+Kiel Chenier advocated for Velma, I said, nope, Scrappy Doo.

Still planning on dressing as Velma for Halloween. Maybe get Kiel to be Scooby.

Another thing that's tricky for me about Torchbearer--

The game mechanically rewards you calling out your own roleplaying decisions. Especially with beliefs. In order to get Artha rewards, you need the other players to notice when and how you're playing to the belief, which leads to a lot of "announcing that this action is in line with this belief."

This is a little foreign and uncomfortable for me. I can see how it makes sense-- anything subtler does tend to get lost in table chatter, and the game is more fun when the characters your friends are playing are more vividly realized-- but it does feel like I'm having to justify what would normally be very private decisions.

We played a second session of Torchbearer! +Jesse Alford running the game, me and 3 coworkers playing.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around rolling for information and having that be meaningful. I've been reluctant to do certain exploration and investigation things that it's clear we could do and that there's Adventure Relevant info behind because it costs an entire turn of the grind and I really don't trust that whatever information we could get about it would be worth it.

I also need to figure out how to handle other players dithering a bit without being kind of a buzz kill. I don't have a lot patience for people spending a bunch of time going "oh no, we can't do that, we should think about this first..." Even when they're playing a belief. So far I've been dealing with it by just getting up and Doing Something when I get too bored but the other players seem to find that jarring.

Probably what I need to do is write a belief that I can play into when I do that. It'll be more fun if my character is clearly a foil for the other players "consider every angle" beliefs, and I'll get Fate points for doing what I'm going to do anyway.

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The World Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan. 
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