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Sabrina Soares
Only your heart can lead you to the Kingdom of Happiness!
Only your heart can lead you to the Kingdom of Happiness!


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A funny and insightful short story about the beauty that is often missed among the craziness of India's passenger trains.  If you have never rode a train in India, you must read this story to experience a ride that is unlike anything in the West.  And if you have rode a train in India, then you can relate to the laughs and joys this post offers about India's railways. 

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A beautiful poem dedicated to Bhutan and its Drukpas, the Dragon People. 

In a far away land,
hidden in remote valleys
barricaded in the folds of
The Great Himilayas
I have landed in Druk Yul,
The land of The Thunder Dragons,
The Kingdom of Bhutan....

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The Kingdom of Bhutan
One day on top of a mountain in The Kingdom of Bhutan, this poem poured out of my heart.  I dedicate it to all my Bhutanese friends whom I miss so dearly. 

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A Face of an Angel
Kinley Wangmo is a Buddhist nun with a face of an angel.   Her glowing shaved head sets off her adorning
white skin and round brown eyes.   With a gentle smile, she moves with elegance and speaks with
grace.   She is beautiful! In the last four months, she ...

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The little Mermaid in Membertsho (Burning Lake)
This story will bring chills down your spine!  Is there really a mermaid lurking in Burning Lake, in the water that holds so many ancient tales???  I observed my students crying and screaming at Membertsho as they shouted, "Look there is the mermaid..."  That day has made me a believer!  How about you?  

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Pema Choling Nunnery
Pema Choling Nunnery A great view Last year, I went to tour Pema Choling Nunnery in order to
make a decision on whether or not I would teach there the following year.   As I traveled through the busy town of Chamkar
to get to the nunnery, I felt eager to he...

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Returning to Bhutan
Gangtey Monastery  Thimphu When I landed in Bhutan, I felt alive by the September rain
that colored the mountains green and purified the fresh air.   My eyes were wide open barely blinking
as if they were having a feast, gorging on the spectacular scenery o...

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Yeah I'm so lucky lucky lucky!  I got back into one of the hardest countries to get into: BHUTAN!!!  I will be nestled in a Buddhist nunnery teaching and becoming all zen.  Jealous? You should be, but don't worry, one day I will turn it into a book to share with everyone.  Cheers!

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Life is magical and almost like a game.  This is my story about how I manifested my dream to get to Bhutan, the most beautiful country in the world.  
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