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Bart Schuck
Student Of Life, Student For A Lifetime.
Student Of Life, Student For A Lifetime.

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A Marker In the Ground
I wish
I knew what was happening to me.  Maybe
someone coming after me can benefit from my experience if they see the same
trends in themselves. I noticed some dark changes in my personality and I don’t
like them at all. A couple weeks ago I was in the kitc...

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Just Be Kindly Truthful
I was
preparing some research for an article (probably one of the ones on exegesis vs
eisegesis) when I stumbled across an article on “how to get rid of Jehovah’s
Witnesses?” (It was either that or “How to get them to leave me alone?” I can’t
remember the t...

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Eisegesis On Display
I’ve covered the subject of Jesus and the claims Trinitarians make that he is
God, just because the topic of eisegesis is fresh on my mind, I performed a web
search for the topic: “ does
the bible say Jesus is God ”. Several websites came up, the o...

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Has God Ever Been Human
In Deuteronomy chapter
4 , the God of the Israelites (Jehovah) is making a critical point (using
Moses as his spokesman to the people) about future worship the people might be
enticed to engage in. He makes it unmistakably clear they didn’t see any “form”

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Looking at All Sides (Exegesis vs Eisegesis)
Eisegesis Perception
can be a tricky thing. What we might adamantly insist is true is immediately
dispelled once all sides are examined. Three examples of this are the following
GIF files: http://www.the...

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Jeremiah 9:24 Bragging, Trophy Case
Jeremiah 9:24 “But let the one bragging about himself brag about
himself because of this very thing, the having of insight and the having of
knowledge of me, that I am Jehovah, the One exercising loving-kindness, justice
and righteousness in the earth; for ...

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Deuteronomy 30 v19
Partially quoting Deuteronomy 30:19, it says: “I take the heavens
and the earth as witnesses against you today that I have put life and death
before you, the blessing and the curse”. This taking “the heavens and earth” as
witnesses, was it mere illustrative...

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Genesis.6:6 God Regrets revisited
Since Jehovah is perfect
and cannot make even a mistaken judgment, how can it be that after Moses
appealed to Jehovah, he (Jehovah)  “began to feel regret over the evil
that he had spoken of doing”? This is particularly a good mental challenge
because an on...

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If Life Purposeless Why Argue Point?
Evolutionists and atheists--we who
believe in a higher power hear you "loud and clear." You believe that
we are self-deceived and uneducated, otherwise we would be like you. So what are we to conclude?--That
all the love & hate you can express in a lifetime...

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James 2 vs 19 Demons not Atheists
It was a hot summer's day. In a
large field of tall grass stood a single, very tall tree. A bird in the tree
could see, at a distance, a stream. But he was a selfish bird, and didn't want
to share the water with anyone. So to the field mice he called out, "...
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