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Muhammad Jawaid Shamshad

Remember, real programmers don't write documentation!
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Create your first real-time AngularJS application
In my previous article I talked about  creating real-time PHP application . That was on the server side and I demonstrated a very very basic client to connect with it. Let’s take that to next step and create a Javascript client with  AngularJS . Code ANGULA...

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Definitely feels like this sometimes...
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How to create #html5 interactive presentation app where one presents and observer drive the flow of presentation?
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There are only 2 states in history that were created in the name of Allah. First was Madinah and second is #Pakistan
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Story of J&N Wardrobe. The inspiration! 
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Get ready for gorgeous **GIVEAWAY CONTEST** !

This time we will be giving away 1 beautiful shirt. The give-away is worldwide so feel free to tag your friends in the comment section below. There will be 1 lucky winner! If you want to participate all you need to do is follow the easy steps below:

Step 1) +1d this photo
Step 2) Share this photo
Step 3) +1d this page:
Step 4) Share this page:
Step 5) Comment "Gorgeous"

-Make sure you complete all steps to verify if you really want to join.
-Winner will be announced in 2 weeks!
-1 winner will be chosen at the end of the contest
-Winner of this contest must claim the prize within two weeks of the announcement of the winner

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