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Dale Denham
Technology savvy business professional, father, husband, lover of books, technology, exercise and great friends. Geiger CIO
Technology savvy business professional, father, husband, lover of books, technology, exercise and great friends. Geiger CIO
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It's How You Choose to Look at Your Situation
I had a good morning.  I took the later flight out which meant I did not have to get up at 3:30am.  I was able to kiss my kids and wife and get them off to school and work.  I was able to walk the dog.   I was able to get some work done and still get to the...

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Simplicity Wins
I just tried to use Cortana to add an appointment to my outlook calendar.  Yuk.  It was clunky and worse it didn't get the date or subject right. Compare that to my google phone which gets it right 99% of the time and is easier to use.  Microsoft Cortana is...

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Speed of Amazon shipments slowing down?
Have you noticed that 2 day shipping with Amazon is now 3 days most days?  It seems that depending on the day, my 2 day shipment is promised in 3 days instead of 2.  For example, I just ordered some items from Amazon at 3:56pm.  The shipment option during c...

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The FOCUS of July
Each year I tell my team that the week of July 4th will be the least busy week of the year for the company.  Each year, I find it to be the best week to encourage people to take vacations and enjoy time off. For those of us who do not take vacation this wee...

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A few years ago, I downloaded a free Sudoku app called Sudoku Joy. I had not played Sudoku before this app and I was not sure I would like Sudoku. In fact, I was pretty sure I would not like Sudoku. Turns out, I was wrong. I like Sudoku quite a bit, and thi...

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Galaxy S7 - My short review
I've had my S7 for 2 weeks now after upgrading from the S5. My S5 was losing battery quickly giving me less than 1/2 day use. So I bought the S7 hoping to solve that problem. I felt unsure about the upgrade, after all, other than battery life my S5 was runn...

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Why my dad is special
My dad inspires me. 
Just this week, I needed my dad. 
He was there for me.  This isn’t
the first time I needed him and it won’t be the last.   My dad has been there for my sisters too.
He’s been there for my children and for many others. Tuesday night we h...

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Play Hurt
The athlete knows the day will never come when he wakes up pain-free. He has to play hurt. I am no athlete but I am athelitic.  As I suffer through another bout of Plantar's Fasciitis, I can't run.  Running was my stress reliever.  When I can't run, I can't...

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Mobile payments
Cash is so 1990's.  Credit cards are so 2000.  Mobile payments are truly the future but adoption is slow by consumers and by retailers. I love the convenience of securing and paying for Uber on my phone. It's not a true mobile payment, but the experience of...

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Prioritizing and the lack of time.
Last week I was in DC and the week before that I was in Mexico for 2 days (all business, but fun business).   During that time, I responded only to the most urgent emails and requests.  I just this morning got to some voicemails that were left during that t...
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