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Geoff Andrews
Driven to acquire new skills and make better decisions
Driven to acquire new skills and make better decisions
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Wondering how this move from Instagram will affect photographers like +Andrew Azis 

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Any value in claiming old Google Places pages via Google+ or what for the merge? Thoughts?

Seems to be a tough time for local SEO with the changes to Google Places (now Google+ Local Pages) and Google's established Local Google+ Pages (for local businesses on Google+). 

This may have emerged from privacy issues with regards to users leaving reviews and, in some cases, spamming reviews but if you have 600+ branches with Google Places Pages (now Google+ Local Pages) what is the best next step in the merging of these platforms? Create 600+ Local Google+ Pages?

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Saw this conversation in my Twitter feed this morning... which seemed a bit weird. Anyone else feel there is something wrong with the term "inbound marketing"? Does SEO cover enough of the article marketing, community building, social and CRO aspects of online marketing? Is the term SEO a little "dodgy"? What do you think?

Oh and trending features. Inventive.

Like I really wanted a "Cover picture" - just like Facebook. Nice one Google+ Sheep.

+Andrew Shotland +David Mihm +Darren Shaw +Gareth James +Mike Ramsey do any of you have experience in Ireland? Can you add to this list of where to get citations for businesses operating in Ireland?
Would really appreciate any support you can offer.

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Looks to be a PR nightmare for Gina Ford - can she seriously back her position? Children come 1st. A parent knows their instinct is their best guidance - not some book or meaningless 'badge' that states my baby slept through at XX weeks.

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Quick post on reporting fake Google Places reviews, responding to reviews and encouraging more reviews by creating links direct to your Google Places page.
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