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Mike G
You're a pheasant.
Peacock off to new adventures or being chased from a perch where he annoyed the nearby residents with his screeching 

(Edit) Damn, I was late. 
Hey if you want a couple, I'd be happy to send a few your way!
Mike G
Should have taken a closer look! Btw my grandmother had a peacock, I will never forget the sound they make... Eerie! 
Why did my peacock part ways in my last comment?! lol
It looks like a big bird with a small head
there are quail eggs but nobody eats peacock, right?
+Mike G peacocks are beautiful. I posted one before that I'm trying to find.
Wonderful best wishes lovely friend....
Is that one of those Turduckens I have been hearing so much about??? LoL
Mike G
+Krystyn Chong yes they are beautiful, but have you ever heard one?
For such an awesome looking bird, it sure has a less than majestic name. Thank you, modern colloquialisms. 
+Krystyn Chong I believe your right, no one eats peacocks, lol that Would be one pretty meal.... They are lovely birds however, lol
+Nathan Cox circled you for that comment and paying attn. then I saw you reshare me. Thanks . :)
Stacy S
I don't know if someone has already answered your question, but Peacocks (males) 'be pimpin'
Peahens (female) are grey or brown.

Peafowl is the term for both.
Stacy S
n/p, that's what you pay me for.
Stacy S
dude, you got to watch out for that stuff, you could fall down a couple of rungs on the evolutionary ladder.
What's with the acid tripping comments? You guys have experiences with that stuff?
Stacy S
I'll go on a limb as say yes, but probably two entirely different use cases.
Sure looks Luke a wild turkey. 
That's some pretty lousy acid if all you see is a peacock. Either that or TV and video games really have ruined our imaginations.
+Krystyn Chong We have many Peacocks and Peafowl wild in this area.  They are likened to beautiful women: lovely to watch, difficult to live with.  The males screech much of the day starting at dawn.  They are also droppers of large amounts of defecated material on walkways and decks.  So living with them isn't like seeing them at the park.   
Peahen = female peafowl
Peacock = male peafowl

Tail feathers are distinctively a Peacock in this photo
could be she-male peafowl, peacock with peahen colour...#mutation
Sorry but that's Dinner!! 😜 Nah it's a Peacock...:(
I'm thinking it's an Ocellated Turkey from the Yucatan Peninsula. They are part of the North American Wild Turkey family, but they look like a peacock.

My uncle is an avid hunter, and he was the first person to get the Wild Turkey Grand Slam in one year. He also took a trip to Mexico & got the Gould's Turkey which gave him the Royal Slam, but he never got this one which would have given him the World Slam.
By the way... that was my guess.
COCK 'A' LOGE (A Collage Bird)
David C
I'm like bird I wanna fly away? 
Peacock can not fly like this.... very unusual for pea cock to fly high
I guessed turkey. Im a bafoon. Haha
It's Who Am I.
If he/she doesn't know then how could we say that who is she/he:);)
Have you heard a story about the Phoenix: When Phoenix bathed in the fire can be reborn.
Just before the hunter shot it
from where do u get such pics???? they all r awsome
im a peacock, you gotta let me fly !!!
Lucky n blessed that you are a witness to such a grandeur presented by a pea-cock
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