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Hey friend
where do you live?May  ı write to you?Pls my e-mail on my page.    I remain...

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First collaboration between baze.djunkiii and Dr. NoiseM.
Limited C20 Tape 20 Copys worldwide.

‪#‎noise‬, ‪#‎drone‬, ‪#‎experimental‬, ‪#‎bazedjunkiii‬, ‪#‎drnoisem‬

baze.djunkiii vs. Dr. NoiseM - Untitled
Dr. NoiseM is a Trash, Noise, Experiemental and Drone Artist from germany! Fuck melody I want shit music!
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Very happy to have contributed a song to this awesome compilation .. 

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+Matt Velasquez thanks for listening man :) much respect

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Why were all these FRENCH movies called 13?
WHY?  Think about it.......
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and now here too ..
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+Ashley Graetz i dont know anything about it, a friend invited me , it cost me nothing to join .. and ive never thought of using social networking to make money 
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why is google so obsessed with remembering dead peoples birthdays ?

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New Art Works
Web Design and Social media solutions for small business. Public Relations. Art work and Advertising Copy
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sense_amr:@andrewzimmern watching you in Aleppo #Syria saying how much you love it,hows it feel knowing soon it will be gone forever thanks to #USA ?
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Anatomy in Suspension

No. proudly includes another artist into their ever growing catalogue - Steve Law (also known as "Zen Paradox") has been producing electroni

Israel benefits from regional crisis

The Israeli regime takes advantage of regional crisis to oppress the Palestinians.

Sense - No Mystery EP - 01 Listening (take 2)

Free EP released @

Sense - No Mystery EP - 04 The World Is Yours

Listen to Sense - No Mystery EP - 04 The World Is Yours by sense on - Free unlimited music hostings. Upload music and share it w


Fab, I’m blogging. A Chump’s Game A good friend of mine, whilst working at a New York hedge fund once said to me, “online advertising is a c


PhonoPaper is: • format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by

Lucid Browser

Lucid Browser is a free and open source browser designed to be small, light, fast, and simple. The app itself is as small as 1 MB. The brows

QR Droid™ (中文)

將您的智慧型手機變身為強力的二維條碼(QR Code)、條碼(Barcode)和數據矩陣(Data Matrix)掃瞄裝置。只要輕敲幾下,就能輸入、建立、使用和分享數據。這個功能完整、有直覺力並支援多種語言的QR 裝置將改變您與二維條碼間的互動關係,以及它們的智慧行動和活動。只要

Sense AlexTV Live-Berlin 2013

Live performance on AlexTV Simulcast Live on TWENFM Berlin for #PsychedelicKitchen / #Liquidskyberlin crew .. enjoy the music! Video here: h

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers / samplers rigs. Everything is real-time and optimized for mobile dev


neural networks are formed when we allow ourselves to feel ∇

Ping Pong Evolved Free

Ping Pong Evolved is an intriguing game that combines the classic ping pong game and a new and advanced game that includes power-ups and new


M.O.A.G.O.D Maze Obstacle Action Game of DoomThe objective of this game is to move through a level to the green bricks without getting hit b

Music Maker Jam

Touch it. Mix it. Share it. Celebrating the winter holidays with Google Play.Mit der neuen kostenlosen Musik App MUSIC MAKER JAM für Android


The Oldest Continued Civilization on Earth, Taught Humanity How to Write