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Stian French

­čÄĘ Artwork  -

Just a picture I drew 

Enjoy! :D´╗┐
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Stian French

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Poured another sword out of aluminum!´╗┐
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It's not very strong. But then again, I can't melt iron so I have to stick with aluminum...´╗┐
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Stian French

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A mountain picture I took from the air. Not sure which mountain it is though.´╗┐
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Either Mt Baker or Ranier´╗┐
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Thanks for the suggestions! If you missed part one, read it here:
If not, then here's part two!
Part 2:

You peer a bit closer at your reflection and see that your mane is a blue shade, lighter than your fur. You lift up your head and sweep your neck around to look at the blue bumps on your back, the same color as the rest of your body. They look like wings; feathery bits and all. Well, that's because they are wings. Yup. No doubt about it. I have wings. This is just getting weirder and weirder...I'm a blue pony with wings. What else can happen?

You hear a faint noise coming from across the stream. It sounds like somepony, I mean, someone is saying something. The noise keeps getting repeated, and closer.

"Um, excuse me." The tap on your shoulder accompanied by the sound from right behind you startles you and sends you sprawling into the stream. "Oh, goodness! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you. Oh my, let me help you out."

The yellow flying pony, Pegasus. That's what they're called. Guess that's what I am too, holds out a hoof for you to grab. You take it and she helps you out of the water, dripping wet.

"Are you all right? I didn't mean to scare you."

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's nothing." Your throat feels a little horse, hoarse, from disuse.

"Oh, good. I thought you were my friend Rainbow Dash "she's blushing profusely and her voice is but a whisper and trailing off" but when when I got closer, I realized you were somepony I'd never seen and I wanted to say hi and then I sc..." She'd become so quiet you couldn't hear her anymore; or see her face as it was turned away and covered in a curtain of pink hair. She must be quite embarrassed for making you fall. You hear a small mumble that you almost didn't catch. "I'm Fluttershy. What's your name?"

It takes you a second to piece together what she said. "I'm..." You don't know what to say. You can't remember what you were going to say. Fluttershy peeks out at you, waiting for your response. A bit of time passes. She seems to get a little bolder as she begins to think you might be shy too.

"It's ok. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I don't mind. I'm going to find my friend, Rainbow Dash. You can come too. If it's OK with you that is..." 

You wonder if you should go with her when you look around and see a hill beyond the stream.

"Oh, you probably want to get back to Ponyville. That's fine with me too." You wonder what Ponyville is when she begins to unfold her wings. It looks like she's waiting for you.

1. "Sure, I'll help you find Rainbow Dash." Crazy names around here. Wonder if mine is crazy too...

2. "Just on my way to Ponyville actually." The lie rolls easily off your tongue. Maybe you were good at that kind of thing before you woke up in this mess...

3.You look around and see something shining in the water downstream. Whatever could that be...

Pick 1, 2, or 3! Whichever gets the most votes, gets selected. Once again, I'm not very good at writing. This is more for fun than anything. If you have any suggestions, I'll think about 'em and see if it can incorporate well into the story (by the whichway, I'm just making up as I go along). If it seems slow right now, it's because it's only just starting ;)

Didn't catch Part one? Read it here:

Become a part of the story as it unfolds!´╗┐
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It seems crazy begets crazy. I mean, how mush weirder can it become, me popping up in this place, flying ponies, talking ponies... With names. Weird names.
Oh well. In times of crisis it is of utmost importance to keep one's head cool and one's fee.. hooves on the ground. And that Fluttershy sounded like a nice person. Might as well help her. As a bonus she could probably teach me how to use this flying bits... It seemed like a really nice day to be out in the air. Clear skies above, just a few clouds... Wait a minute.
Still not quite believing my eyes and not taking my eyes off that cloud I asked "Excuse me, just wondering, is it normal here for clouds to..."´╗┐
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If there was any doubt if my parents endorsed me watching MLP:FiM, it's been squashed. Awesome Christmas present from my amazing parents! ´╗┐
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Hey, my parents got me MLP stuff for Christmas too :D´╗┐
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Stian French

Art, Music and Videos  - 

Just a drawing I drew. This is my nine-tailed pony OC.
Crap I forgot to draw a cutie mark and I wanted to make her a unicorn, but oh well.´╗┐
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I think I know what your favorite Pokemon is´╗┐
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Stian French

Art, Music and Videos  - 
+Grace West's OC´╗┐
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Part one:

You wake up, head slightly throbbing. You have a bit of difficulty trying to sit up when a sharp pain flashes through you. Grimacing, you wrap your arms around your stomach and look at your surroundings. It seems you're in a forest. No. At the edge of a forest. A very green forest with lots of moss, vines, and ferns on the ground. Behind you is a river or a stream. You can't tell from this distance. It's too far. The sky above you seems oddly a very bright blue and the clouds look a bit funny but you don't pay much attention to them. Now that you are slightly more comfortable knowing your surroundings, you begin to turn your mind towards where you are. 

Nothing much but to get up and look around I guess.

You begin to stand on your 2 legs and fall over. Anxiety rushes in at you as something feels terribly wrong. When you went to stand, you didn't feel weak so much as you felt, different. Trembling with fear, you slowly look down at yourself to see that you are not normal. Where your hands should be there are hooves like on a horse. Maybe a bit small for a horse. Possibly a pony? Doesn't matter which. What's more disturbing is you are not a typical equine color. Your hair shines a dazzling __ in the foreign sunlight. 

No, no, NO!

Your thoughts are running wild with panic.

How did this happen?

The throbbing in your head explodes with an excruciating pain causing stars to literally float in front of you. You wait for the reeling to stop and then, tentatively try and remember where you were before this and how the hay you got here. How the hay? What?

But it's no good. The moment you begin thinking of, those questions, your head starts spinning with pain again. It leaves quickly this time. You look at your hooves, my hooves!?, and feel sick to the stomach. You remember the stream/river and think A drink of cool water will settle my stomach and maybe stop this throbbing. You try and get up on two feet, or rather hooves, and fall over again.

Right. I'm a horse. Gotta walk like one.

You get up, again, on all fours this time and try to walk. A little clumsy, some tripping, but after a few steps you can kinda shuffle along.

You've made your way to the stream, not a river, only tripping 5 or 6 times and scuffing up yourself to the point where you are bleeding a bit. You see a small pool of water by the stream and walk over to it. In the pool you see your reflection. It's that same beautiful ___ color that you saw on your hooves and fur earlier.

1. What, what is that on my head?

2. There seem to be some weird lumps just behind your shoulders. It's rather a strange sensation. It's almost like you can feel something there...

3. Your appearance is just what you'd expect to see in a pony; except, you know, you are a vibrant color that you might see on some sort of... "Gah!" Your head hurts.

---So I've never written anything pony related before. This is my first time and to make it more interesting, I thought I'd involve you guys in some sorta role playing game, thing. 
Essentially, you fill in the blanks with the appropriate words and I'll pick the most common or fitting. And for numbered choices, I'll pick, well, the most picked! Then I'll continue the story. Have fun!´╗┐
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Blank 1Brown and turquoise, Blank 2 indigo, choice 2 PEGASUS´╗┐
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