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Mamta Sharma
Meditate, Pray, love, and live!
Meditate, Pray, love, and live!

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10 Reasons Why We Should Spend Time with the Elderly People
I still remember how
during my childhood days, I used to spend some time with the elderly people of
my building. I can’t forget the immense love and affection; they used to
scatter over me for a little amount of my time. I used to do their petty works
such ...

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Self-Development: a Persistent Process of Learning
I grew up in an orthodox Brahmin
family during the mid 80s and early 90s. The bitter experiences and turbulent
accidents affected my personality and mindset so profoundly and negatively that
I lost my confidence entirely. Those childhood and teen age experi...

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We Vs Others
Hello Folks, how are you all? My today's blog is about if we are truly committed to ourselves. It's very significant to ponder about this thought. After all, this is our life and we, only we ...are responsible for it. We must take the responsibility  for ou...

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This isn't Over...
On Sunday morning, I was travelling, when someone called me up to share
something very significant. It was very disappointing to hear the news as it
was about a young school boy who committed suicide. The boy was scolded for
riding a bike without license be...

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Plans for Our Old Age
Well folks, how are you all? Very
often, I interact with the aging people and find out that they are filled with
immense apprehension about their retirement age . Such as, what they would do
after their retirement , how they would they spend their time, the...

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Let’s Be Fear Proof and Healthy
Well folks, these days we all
prefer the items which have strong protective layer on them such as waterproof watches, shoes etc. We like them because they are durable in their protective coating. Let’s ponder about the things which are required to make our ...

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Accessories Add Charm to Our Personality
According to Google dictionary, an accessory is
a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful,
versatile, or attractive . Indeed, they do. A person with simple looks and
ordinary clothes gets an extraordinary looks if he or sh...

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Selfie Smile Vs Real Smile
Well folks,
these days, selfie is in rage and so is the selfie smile. I love to see how
people make their best efforts to get a perfect selfie. We make faces, have
pouts, smile (sometimes weirdly) or pose differently to get the best shot. We
are ready to do...

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Brighten Your Spirits and Succeed
If someone
asks you what does brighten up your spirit, just think, what your answer would
be. Which thing or person instills your lives with enthusiasm and happiness? What does uplift your
spirit to do something which gets you to the next level? Is it your ...

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Give Priority to Yourself to Live Successfully Well folks, how are you all? Last
month while having a discussion with one of my family members, I had to face
his annoyance. He got angry with my statement which was ‘WE SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANYBODY...
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