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Critical thinking... with beer!
Critical thinking... with beer!

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Tonight in Wellington...

Climate Science meets art.

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The Kiwi Option
Evan Osnos at the New Yorker writes on some rich Americans' plans to make New Zealand their bolthole, should everything there go wrong. If a silo in Kansas is not remote or private enough, there is another option. In the first seven days after Donald Trump’...

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Gag orders and censorship of science. I'm not sure what Trump thinks "great" means.

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A Quest for New Markers - Evie Templetonevie

Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) result in significant morbidity and mortality, accounting for approximately half of all deaths due to cardiovascular disease. Accurately predicting high-risk patients at danger of recurrent ACS, stroke or death is extremely challenging, and biomarkers are commonly employed as tools in order to risk-stratify patients. It has been hypothesized that using a multi-marker inflammatory panel consisting of pro- and anti-inflammatory markers would provide independent prognostic information in an ACS population, and as such could provide a better model for predicting inflammatory mediated risk following a heart attack. This talk will also delve into the sometimes less-than-ideal realities of being a postgrad student – a tight time frame, a tight budget, and things just not working out…

Evie Templeton is a master’s student at Victoria University of Wellington, who is currently completing the last month of her Master of Clinical Immunology.

The Secret Life of Otters - Dave Harper

Perhaps one of the most loved members of the Mustelidae family are the adorable otters. This talk will briefly overview some of the interesting features of the thirteen accepted otter species (plus delve a little in to the possibility of a mysterious ‘missing 14th’ species). In addition, we will explore some of the behavioural characteristics of the more commonly studied species and the challenges that arise from understanding another species from an inescapably anthropomorphic perspective (i.e. we really have no idea what is going on).

Dave Harper is a Professor in Psychology and Dean of Science at Victoria University of Wellington. Although he has moved to the dark side of University administration, the academic interests of his past life have encompassed such areas as behavioural pharmacology, mathematical modelling of basic behavioural processes and understanding the cognitive processes of non-human animal species.

My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents Were Aliens - Oliver Scripps

This talk explores the psychology of our ancestors, their decision-making and worldview. With no formal education in psychology or history but an overfull bucket of enthusiasm and energy, Oliver will draw from sources in pop-history and historical conspiracy theories to see the world through the eyes of the ancients.
Oliver Scripps is a stand-up comic, producer and writer based in Wellington.

Bonus round: Black Dog’s Head Brewer will be giving us a run through on what he gets up to everyday making sick beer!

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Not exactly news, but I only just heard about it...

The "journal" Homeopathy has been removed from the Thomson Reuters’s annual list of journal rankings. Not only has it been delisted, it has been added to the more detrimental list of journals that were delisted due to gaming the system. In this case, citing their own articles to artificially inflate their impact factor. The journals impact factor was really low to begin with so they weren't even very good at that.

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+aimee whitcroft is handing over the reigns to +dell mitchell tonight...

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