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Multi-Media Social Network for Small Businesses, Artists, Entertainers, Ministries, and Events
Multi-Media Social Network for Small Businesses, Artists, Entertainers, Ministries, and Events

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 In all business there is the all important generation of traffic and leads. But here's the thing, you must understand which traffic to concentrate on. Let's bread it down into four parts:
1) General Traffic: People looking to read or learn from good content.
2) Prospects: People looking for more detailed information about how to solve a key problem.
3) Leads: The people who want to know how you  .... read the rest at the link below ...

To Survey or Not to Survey ? 
To survey or not to survey? And where do you start, employees (if you have them), or customers?
The answer is BOTH.
When your business has employees that deal with your customers, you know that highly satisfied and engaged employees are absolutely essential for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Ask them about what it’s like to work for your company, what can be done to help them do their jobs more effectively, and how your employees feel about your company’s direction. Don’t forget the management questions. If your business has supervisors and managers you will want to find out from your employees how they feel about their effectiveness, the ability to make suggestions to their supervisors, rewards and recognition, employee benefits, etc. In short, ask questions about anything positive or negative that impacts your employees and customers.
Now don’t be surprised if you end up with a large number of challenges and opportunities. Even if problems exists, you need to know about them. Always communicate the results of the survey with your employees. When you do they will know that you listened to them and that you are committed to making needed changes based on their feedback. Your ultimate goal is to achieve increases in employee engagement and satisfaction, with a much greater focus on your customers, meeting and or exceeding their expectations. To ensure that you are continually achieving success, conduct employee attitude surveys annually to measure progress and to identify any new challenges that have surfaced since the previous one.
Now whether you wait to see positive results from your employees or you decide to do it at the same time, you should also conduct your customer survey. You need to know how your customers feel about your company, your employees, your products and services, and any other key issues that drive customer satisfaction and retention. As much as it probably scares you do not hesitate to ask your customers about things you know you are not doing well in. You really need to learn about how customers feel. Remember your customers are probably also buying from your competitors. It is extremely important that you learn first-hand how they compare your company, products and services with those of your competitors.
All in all here is what surveys can do for your business:
1) help you take better care of your employees,
2) set your company in the right direction,
3) provide great leadership,
4) identify problems and opportunities,
5) will help you take action and measure ongoing progress.
This will enable your company to attract and retain customers and to be competitive and profitable.
(source Howard Deutsch CEO Quantisoft)

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 Inbound links and outbound links to your website, blog, etc., what are they really and what does it mean to you?
Well here's the skinny. As obvious as it may appear inbound and outbound links have their place. Inbound links are just that, they are the links pointing to your website and search engines love it when you have thousands of links pointing to your site.
Here is where it can get tricky .....
you have no authority over the inbound links that others post for your site! What can happen is the search engines can and will penalize you if you end up with poor quality and irrelevant back links pointing to your site. You do not want that to happen! But if your contents is rich with up to date and relevant information and is unique to your business then chances are you will get great people to link to your site with a great "check them out reference". If done properly this increases your website's PR and is considered very healthy.
Keep in mind when linking with other sites one website will always earn an inbound link and the other an outbound.
Now outbound links are obviously the links pointing to other websites from your website. These you have way more control over. The main thing to remember is to link as much relative content to that of your own. Search engines are friendlier with links that are similar and can offer more content for your reader. Always make sure you are listing "VERY" trustworthy websites as outbound links. You really want your customers and or your readers to trust you.
Finally, here is a funny little fact - when one website links to another it's often referred to as "link love", so choose your partners wisely.

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 Big market research companies have found that at least half of website visitors only stay on a website for 8 seconds - yes that's 8 seconds! That means you have 8 seconds to grab your visitor's attention before they leave. When a visitor opens your site do they get a feel for what you are and what you do? In seconds will your visitor want to find out more? TIP: Make sure your visitor knows immediately that they have found what they were looking for! Ask someone to look at your website for 8 seconds and then ask them - In that 8 seconds, do you know what we are about? Try it, it's a good exercise for you and your website.

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 Dump Meetings as Usual!
If you follow ingenious people like Richard Branson you more than likely get glimpses of business mastership. Richard himself is an absolute genius when it comes to entrepreneurship in today’s world. He wrote an article on Tips to Screw Business Meetings as Usual - see here . In it he supports taking meetings out of the office or boardroom. Doing the unusual creates open minds, refreshment and inspiration. Bring your staff or team members to a beautiful park, beach, open café, etc., anywhere that gets you out of the “work” environment. Then let the brainstorming begin!
Another great piece of advice Sir Richard gives is diversity. No matter your structure let everyone have a say. Don’t just entrust your management team for creative inspiration about your business – include all employees, or other entrepreneurs, even if they are in different niches. Anyone can have brilliant ideas. When you open up communication you might be surprised who comes up with the best innovative idea.
Spring is coming – take advantage of the new season and take your company to new heights by thinking outside the box and freshen up your meeting environment to encourage inspiration, ingenuity, creativity and thought provoking vision.

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 The next time you are considering hosting a social media contest, think about ways to stand out. Instead of choosing winners based on the number of likes, consider having your followers select the winner.
Instead of creating your own promotional videos, ask the people involved in the contest to create them.
Instead of uploading your own pictures to Facebook, see more...

 Why use Social Networks? Well lets just take a look at Facebook.
With Facebook, you will not only be able to reach the people in a small neighborhood, but also to individuals from all over the world. Facebook is global, which means that using this as a marketing tool can actually lead to a lot of sales, because you will be talking to a global market instead of just to a tiny chunk of the population.
Reach out with your company to your customers - whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
Your potential customers are waiting to hear from you.
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